So, I'm an idiot and crashed my '18 GT. Sell/Fix/jump out the window?


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May 6, 2019
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You didn’t forget anything. You were conned...

How does a rider for uninsured or low policy drivers become reality in his day and age? Where I live that’s now illegal and everyone has to have millions of coverage. The reason it’s an optional rider where you live is to screw you out of money when you get into an accident.

Guess what? That is exactly what happened!

Buying insurance should not be like making a deal with the devil - but there you go... You should not need a legal team to get you covered. If you are accident free, I suggest you get a policy with accident forgiveness. The plain language they use in commercials can be leveraged in questionable accidents to your benefit as they would rather just pay you and get rid of you than have a court make a judgement that gets some press.

Make what you want out of that! :fingerscrossed:
Not only have I not been involved in an accident since 1988, but I have not had a ticket in over 25 years, and am 72! I now pay for the Uninsured/Under insured Motorists coverage and went to a personal injury attorney. After being transported to the hospital and X-Rayed, CT-Scanned, and being released I went to my physician who said I had a mild concussion and other stuff. My chiropractor has worked to realign my old bones, and I have lost my income because of the known medical problems according the Aero-medical regulations, in other words I cannot fly until I am cleared. Now my PIA has told me he wants me to go to a neurologist. This back and forth BS due to someone else's fault, who obviously was at fault, and admitted it is getting old very quickly as GEICO, his coverage, appears to want to wash their hands of all responsibility. I have been told the three worst Insurance companies to work with are Geico, Progressive, and The General. I have AAA. Why am I talking about this on this forum, well we are all proud Mustang owner/drivers and stuff does happen, so be ready for denial when you thought you were covered.


Oct 14, 2017
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“Why am I talking about this on this forum, well we are all proud Mustang owner/drivers and stuff does happen, so be ready for denial when you thought you were covered.”

I would not say anymore on the internet. But none of this is news to me. The insurance companies treat everyone like crap including their employees. That should tell you something right there!


Dec 1, 2018
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Relax. That car has the most value as a totally usable drift car or track car. If thats what you enjoy, you are golden. If you wanted a garage queen / wannabe driver / nicely waxed poser mobile.....
You already understand pushing a mustang on a track is the experience these cars were built for.
-and frankly an experience on par with apple pie, fourth of july parades, and really great *edit:language* !

If you were closer Id lie n tell you it was fucked and offer you 12k and build a drift car out of it. Totally kidding... kinda...
I'd sell it for $18K in a heartbeat. I'm toying with the idea of buying the magnetic 6 speed get me buy until this one gets fixed.
I don't really have garage queens...I beat the living hell out of everything that is RWD.
I bought the mustang because they are a dime a dozen......I planned on using it up, and getting another...just not this fast.

Just do the suspension and minimum to get back to drifting and enjoy the car? Work on the cosmetics whenever you feel like a little more effort. Mustangs are like legos or snaptite model cars but for adults instead of kids.

Replacement panels come in primer black. Just run with them as is. Enjoy the car, fuck cosmetics.

Doesnt look that bad to me. Ive done worse. Lol.
10-15 mph at impact?
Is the hood buckled?
Need pics of leading edges of doors and the fenders. If not compressed you are likely ok.
Depends on if it can be lined back up without a full Frame puller or just a pair of $150 northern/harborfreight pullers.
Once you have the new front rad support, kmember, fenders and bumper, you should be able to stretch the front unibody to match those new parts. You can buy the front unibody pieces to weld in all new in front of strut tower worst case.

First, whats your time worth.
Second, do you have another car to drive while working on this if you take a stab at it?
I suspect a body shop would give you 18 +\- 3k.
First quote was for $25K....waiting on another quote.
I won't run around with primered body panels. I like good looking cars that wreak of race fuel and have a ton of rubber stuck to the rear bumper cover.

Start pricing parts at WhiteBearLake.
Some high side estimates...
Front kmember, bushings, any bent links:
1k front suspension.
450 fr Bumper skin unpainted
600 both Fenders
500 Lights?
450 rear skin
1000 Various busted support brackets/trim
Any rear fender damage is awkward as its welded on. You got any sheet metal or body welding experience?
I'll hit up whitebearlake....
I have done a few rebuilders, but usually just laid the paint and paid for the body work......but own a door company that does hollow metal doors for commercial building, and we build airplane hangar doors. We've got 10+ miller welders in total. I can patch in steel pretty decently if it's 18ga or are just something I've never felt I had the time to learn. I don't have a lot of time least not until I sell my company to the employees, or figure out how to manage people well enough to step away from 60 hour work weeks.

You could likely do about 70% yourself getting everything lined up. If body shop is cool, just tack new unibody panels and they may finish weld/putty/fair. Reassemble and lined up everything to check. Then pull all the parts back off that need paint. Then have body shop do rear fender (expect 3k w paint rear fender alone) and another 1-2k to prep and paint the other parts you bring in loose.

Even if you are going to get a body shop quote, You are way better pulling it apart to get a starting price list/inventory. (take pictures and video as you go you will need those later.) Get the ford helm manual.
Start a (re)build thread and get help as you go.
Since the GT500 pricing came out today...........I'm pondering one of those as well.


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