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    I have been driving mine in Sport mode using the shifter and paddles. I discovered if you do not use the paddles in gear shifter Sport mode it will shift at later RPMs and never goes into 6th automatically or at least I have not gotten it to. When slowing down it downshifts pretty aggressively and does rev matching type stuff causing high revs on each downshift. Can be annoying and harsh sometimes. Once you touch a paddle, auto upshifts are disabled and use must use the paddles to upshift but you can go all the way to 6th. Now here is the interesting part. When in this “manual” mode it will still downshift to prevent lugging but the shift mapping is almost identical to standard drive mode and the downshifts are nice and smooth without all the high rev behavior. If they would map the downshift characteristics from this manual mode into the auto upshift Sport mode and give us 6th on the upshift then the gear shifter Sport mode would be perfect. I wonder if this could be done by one of the big name tuners.

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