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Sep 8, 2018
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2016 Mustang GT PP, 2016 Corvette C7 Z06
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Figured that I would share my build as well! I purchased my 2016 PP 6MT GT in June of 2018 as a result of losing my 2014 GT due to a bad accident (other driver was found guilty on all fronts aka he cut right in front of me from oncoming traffic in order to get into a parking lot as I was driving 45mph). Since then, it's seen some rather drastic changes. Believe it or not, I had another random stranger in my town that was trying to copy my build in the beginning, as I had many friends text me to inform me that they had just seen me and my car, despite being at home/work/etc... Down to the plate and all. But, my build went to the extreme, so I doubt he/she will be able to keep up with the mimicry. My reason for saying this is that I am rather discrete in sharing what actually went into my build, as I compare it to a fine and perfected recipe that I don't want people to steal. Obviously, I'm not saying my 5.0 is the best there is, but for me it's perfect.
In terms of mods, as you can see, I've invested in quite a few visual exterior mods.
I will say that I do love my exhaust (Corsa Catback Xtremes with black tips), and the only thing I will eventually change will be to add quatips as well as a compatible rear valence (already have one in mind).
The majority of the work lies unseen. This primarily includes doing every single suspension mod possible including: performance shocks/struts, linear springs, rear toe links, vertical links, IRS subframe support, K member support, etc....
The car will be receiving FI through a whipple in hopefully just a few months. I will also be doing all of the supporting mods as well (ie OPGs, wheels/tires, driveshaft, clutch, etc..)
So, despite liking to keep what went into my build a secret, I am always happy to answer any questions. Feel free to ask away.


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