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    From time to time, we put together a package featuring AWE products and components from our most trusted partners in the industry. Ranging from mild to wild, the 2018 Mustang GT shown below is good example of the intersection between the two.

    Chapman Ford of Horsham reached out to us with the mission of building a handful of new 2018 GTs for the enthusiast driver. We know enthusiasts, and as of 2017, we've become quite in tune with Mustangs and the market behind them. A group of five GTs in various trims were brought over one after another, fresh off the truck, to receive a tasteful list of performance parts to cater to those looking for a GT that offered more than what could be ordered directly from Ford.

    Once all of the components were installed, the GTs headed back to Chapman Ford where customers were given opportunity to purchase a supercharged Mustang GT packing +203 hp and +200 ft-lbs of torque over stock, a signature soundtrack in the form of an AWE Touring Edition Cat-back Exhaust with diamond black tips, and a radical AWE signature livery. A few of out the bunch, like the one shown below, were also equipped with H&R Sport springs, Vossen wheels, and Michelin tires. Soon after hitting the showroom floor, complete with bespoke AWE window stickers and dyno print-outs, the AWE Project Chapman Mustangs were sold, and the new owners couldn’t be happier.

    Shown below is Project Chapman Mustang GT #5, the last of the lot.

    Both automatic and manual transmission GTs were dyno tested to allow us to provide "proof of power." Listen to the Touring Edition Cat-back Exhaust sing below:

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