An Epic Grand Tour plus track day

Discussion in 'Suspension, Brakes & Chassis' started by morgande, Jun 28, 2019.

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    So I wanted to give some props where it’s due. This past weekend (6/21) I had the pleasure of driving from the DC area to Knottsville TN and driving the Tail of the Dragon! I made quite the trip of it, and managed to take in the sounding eastern TN area. Drove down to past Chattanooga to boot, just to say I did. Rested up Saturday and then took on the Dragon that Sunday.

    My car is equipped with a suspension from Steeda. I run their progressive springs, adj shocks set to the factory configuration, camber plates and rear shock mounts. The ride was nothing short of amazing. Smooth and controlled. I had the confidence to attack the off-camber turns of the dragon, while the ride itself was quite relaxing and comfortable. No issues, no fuss, no fatigued. It just worked. And worked well.

    As a bonus, on 6/27 I took the car to Dominion Raceway for SCCA track night in America. Same configuration. Again car performed admirably. In hindsight I could have made some adjustments to the shocks (they are adjustable after all), but that was my first track experience on the suspension, and I wanted to see how the car would perform on the manufacture default configuration.

    All in all I put 1500 miles on the car plus a track day. Car lived up to both its sport car and GT. If you want a suspension that can do double duty...get those progressive springs. HIGHLY recommended.
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    I like your style. Glad things worked out and that you had a chance to tackle the Dragon :beer:

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