1. 2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP custom Bemaro Films vinyl side stripes and 2x wing graphics! (video)

    I contacted Benjamin from Bemaro Films, looking to create custom side stripes as well as custom side-pane wing graphics for my 2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP. I sent him a rough sketch and he NAILED it! He also informed me of his new under-wing reflective decal, which I installed as well. In this...
  2. Trunk Help!!

    So I have a 2019 mustang gt with the stock lip spoiler on the back of the car. Would it be possible to swap the Performance Pack wing on the back? Thank you
  3. Kognition race wing 68”

    Selling a 68 inch kognition built 2 apex race wing. Reason for sell and making the car more streetable and wife said the wing has to go. Great condition and asking 900 plus shipping Pm with questions See attached photo
  4. California Kognition race wing 68”

    Selling a 68 inch kognition built 2 apex race wing. Reason for sell and making the car more streetable and wife said the wing has to go. Great condition and asking 1k firm Pm with questions See attached photos
  5. GT Trunk Lid Trade

    Looking to trade my 2018 black trunk lid with an authentic satin black Roush spoiler, for a black 2018 trunk lid with a performance pack spoiler. There are no dents on the trunk lid. I’d also possibly be open to trades for a GT350 spoiler trunk lid, let me know what’s out there. Located in...
  6. 2015+ CMSTUSA Carbonfiber swan neck wing

    I have for sell a used Carbonfiber Swan neck wing by CMSTUSA. The company product only a hand full of these wings, I ran this spoiler on my GT350 for 6 months. The wing is in excellent shape and comes with all the nuts and bolts. The wing was removed from my car this past week. Paid 1400.00 for...
  7. APR GT250 WING

    Hi Everyone! I am selling my Apr GT250 Carbon Fiber wing. The wing is in perfect shape. I had to use custom bolts to bolt on to my trunk which I will include because I believe the APR ones didn't fit properly on my setup. There is a small blemish on the carbon fiber piece on the left pedestal...
  8. ISO: Aftermarket Wing ( MMD, TruFiber, Steeda, Etc. )

    Not really dead set on anything. Just tired of stock. Painted Magnetic Metallic is a plus! Located in Nashville, TN. Can pick up if your close! Only thing I don't want is the GT350R wing, UNLESS you wanna swap trunk lid/wing for my OEM Premium Bill Wing, and me add cash! LMK!
  9. WTB: Steeda Race Wing Or PP1 Wing

    Located in Nashville, TN. If your somewhat close I will pick up! If it's prepainted Magnetic Metallic it's a plus :D Willing to also trade my Premium Brow Spoiler + cash for the PP1 wing if need be!
  10. ISO: GT350R Anderson Composite Wing

    Looking to buy here within the next week if anyone has one they'd part ways with. Located in Nashville, TN. If anyone just so happens to have a Magnetic Metallic car with the wing already installed and would accept cash + my factory trunk lid/premium spoiler I would rather do it that...
  11. HCM Carbon - Father's Day SALE!!!

    Father's Day Sale!!! HCM 2015-2017 Fiberglass GT350 Track Pack Spoiler Starting today till Sunday, our HCM fiberglass GT350 fiberglass track pack style spoiler is $199.99!!! This is over 40% off the retail price, you don't want to pass on this deal! Head to our website now to place your...
  12. Best aero mods to reduce drag?

    So right now I'm on a bit of an aero research frenzy, mostly looking to reduce drag but also improving down force/reducing lift where there isn't too much penalty. So far I've found APR's GTC-200 drag wing that claims to reduce drag and add some downforce but what other options are there...
  13. Anderson Composite Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass Components Brought to you by N4SM

    Good Afternoon Mustang6G members. We are excited to share a new addition to the Need 4 Speed Product line. Anderson Composites has become a household name in Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass components for the S550 Ford Mustang platform. Located in the Heart of Southern California the dedicated...
  14. $18,975 for GT350 Spoiler????

    Are you serious??!!!!!
  15. GT350 Track Pack Spoiler is coming...

    For those interested in the GT350's track pack spoiler... It's coming.

    We are now taking pre-orders on the GT350-R's wing replica. Quantity is limited at the moment, so secure a copy as soon as possible. Delivery should start in about 2 weeks* if everything goes as planned. Please head on over to to place your orders. (View the site on...
  17. GT350-R Wing is coming!

    We've receive our prototype from the printer, so we are now moving into full production. We would like to get a rough estimate of how many we should produce in this first run, so please take part in our poll. We would like to know those who are committed to buy and those who are on the fence...