1. Anyone running high flow cats with whipple?

    I read that some people melted their cats with a forced induction build, I'm currently running stainless power LTs with high flow CATs. Wondering if anyone on here can give me some piece of mind that its uncommon to melt high flow cats. Most of the people I saw with melted cats were on race...
  2. Palominos5.0

    California Whipple gen2 head unit

    Selling my whipple gen2 head unit only freshly painted red, going with a different set up. Head unit has about 8k miles on it. I bought it off my buddy but never got to install it on my car. Asking 1,200 OBO will ship at buyers expense.
  3. whipple whine from outside

    i have seen alot of people mod a sound tube to get whine out of the whipple.... But what about from outside the car doing drive bye can you hear a whine? Im keen on either a whipple or a procharger i know they are diffrent but i dont want my car to sound stock. thanks!
  4. Bahndvr

    Heat Exchanger Install

    What a PITA! I bought the Whipple X-Large H/E and the VMP H/E. Of course I wanted to install the Whipple H/E but I was unable to install the Whipple with the pieces provided (even raided the VMP box) so I installed the VMP and it was a PITA. After 8 hours of work this is where we shut it...
  5. 5 gen whipple vac leak

    I have a boost leak somewhere and I can't for the life of me find it. My numbers on the dyno came back much lower than expected at 716hp with a 3.875 pulley. I finally got around to hooking up my boost gauge and found I'm only making 8 psi. The kit said it should be making 10-11 psi. I tried...
  6. Mustang_GT350


  7. Gasd550

    ...Shooting for 8's, 2020 Gt head hunting in youtube land.

    So I have had a number of chevy's. These cars have ranged from a 2011 ss Camaro, then off to a 2013 zl1. From there I got myself a c7 corvette and threw some boost at it with a D-1 Procharger some meth headers and boy it Kook'd ( ha cracked myself up with that one). Needless to say I was going...
  8. Gasd550

    Florida Looking to slap a tt kit or a whipple on it.

    Picked up a new 10 speed 2020 gt base. Looking for more speed and fun. Anyone have a helion tt kit or a new gen whipple for sale or in stoc? keep hearing takes weeks to get, but I want to hit sct next month and to make that happen I would need one sooner. Serious buyer but reasonable dealings...
  9. Whipple Starting Issues

    I'm having some weird starting issues after my Whipple/OPG install. After installing everything, I started up and realized that I messed up the timing. I was throwing a P0018 code, and decided to tear the engine apart again to ensure the timing was correct. After going through the front cover...
  10. Indiana WTB - VMP Gen 3 supercharger Kit

    Looking to purchase a VMP Gen 3 supercharger kit. Message me or sent me a text at (765) 419-1987. Thanks
  11. LethalPerformance

    [email protected] for Lethal Performance's Project Goldmember!

    We took Project Goldmember to the track to see if we could go faster than 8.97 ... and WE DID. We took advantage of some nice cool weather (for a change) here in South Florida and headed over to Palm Beach International Raceway to see if the couple of new changes (Griptec pulley, Cobra Jet...
  12. TuxedoPC

    Help, Fake Miles Getting Put On

    Hello fourm, Just went from the stock 235/50/18 rims and tires to a 275/40/18 set up. I don't care about speedometer re calibration but what I care about is miles are being put of faster due to reduction of the sidewall. So technically there are miles being put on that im not driving. The...
  13. alpha_s550

    2018 Mustang GT Burning Through Oil & Blowing White Smoke?

    I need everyones help.. My friends 2018 Mustang GT / Whipple Supercharged / fully taken care of has been eating through oil like crazy and blowing white smoke when accelerating for the past few months and we need help figuring out what the issue is.. Ford dealer said it would "cost $13K+" to...
  14. Stephen@lethal

    Last day to save big on Cyber Monday sales @Lethal Performance!

    Today is the last day for the biggest sales of the year! Tons of products have some killer deals setup right now! Don't miss out here at Lethal Performance! Check out what sales are still active!
  15. Stephen@lethal

    Last day to save big on Cyber Monday sales @Lethal Peformance!

    Today is the last day for the biggest sales of the year! Tons of products have some killer deals setup right now! Don't miss out here at Lethal Performance! Check out what sales are still active!

    Boundry Oil Pump Gear & Crank Sprocket Gears now available here at PK Auto Design

    Good afternoon ladies and gents, we are happy to introduce our partnership with Boundry Pumps to provide you the best products for your motoring needs. Made out of heat treated 4140 chromoly Billets, Boundry pumps provides you the best quality products made right here in the USA at amazing...
  17. Ldawn318

    2015 Whipple S550 For Sale

    $35,000 • 19,655 Miles • Six Speed Manual Transmission • 19” Black Ford Alloy Wheels • 2.9 Whipple Supercharger • 132mm Elliptical Throttle Body • 72 lb DeatschWerks Injectors • Oversized Heat Exchanger • 6 Rib Belt System • UPR Single Valve Catch Can (driver and passenger side) • Mishimoto...
  18. Det_Riot

    2018 Ingot GT with the new Velgen VF5's!

    After a few weeks of playing around getting tires, racing, and overwise just being way too busy with real life, we finally had a chance to get our new Velgen VF5's mounted up on Jo's 18! We had a local buddy do a quick shoot when we were out and about the other night, be prepared for spamming...
  19. California 2018+ Whipple Stage 2 w/ Upgraded HE and OPG/CS

    Brand new in box Whipple Gen 5 Stage 2 kit with oversized heat exchanger and boundary OPG/CS. Ordered this kit for my 2018 GT but decided not to install it because my car started having some problems (Tick got much louder, transmission shuddering). Too late to return without a 30% restock fee...
  20. Jonspeed

    Washington 2015 Mustang GT Premium w/Perf Package- Whipple SC + Many Mods

    Hello, Interested in selling my car, serious inquires only please. No joy rides/ and test drives only with cash/check in hand. We are expecting another child and are doing home renovations. My loss is your gain, I've barely driven this car after all these mods due to personal issues and since...