1. CarlosMRRDesignWheels

    New GT500 Style Flow Forged by MRR Wheels/ Help us Design.

    Just like the Title says Help us design the new M700 GT500 Style wheel !! Get involved and be part of the process from step one to final production, As you know MRR Wheels was the first to produce Wheels exclusively for Mustang direct application in Flow Forged construction including the the...
  2. CarlosMRRDesignWheels

    New GT500 Style by MRR Wheels / Be part of the process / M700/F700S

    With the introduction of the long awaited Ford Shelby GT500 comes the introduction of the next wheel model for Mustang applications by MRR Wheels. Did you really think we where sleeping ? lol love it or hate it here is a chance to check out the process from step 1 to final product, Join us...
  3. CarlosMRRDesignWheels

    Part 2. Choose your finish, M350 wheel 19x10,19x11 and 20x10,20x11

    IT's time for part 2 guys, thanks to Paul at need4speed everyone selected and voted for their preffered size and turns out that everyone is a winner, both 19" and 20" are confirmed now is time to vote for your finish. Let the voting start!!! Feel free to add other options...