1. BigBro

    I bought a WRECKED mustang GT 350! Can I save?

    Hello Mustang forum I am new here. I bought this wrecked Mustang Shelby GT350 with absolutely NO knowledge of this car. What do yall think can it be saved? Heres a Link of the video figured yall can make a better judgement from a video rather then a picture. Thanks looking forward to this and...
  2. shitstang01

    Po171 System to Lean Bank 1

    Just replaced both 02 Sensors yesterday car finally seems to be reading but not maybe adjusting for some reason. I started noticing when I brake or begin to come to a stop (braking) or sometimes even randomly driving my AFR surges between 17-20 for a decent amount of time this normal ? I...
  3. KT3

    [HELP] Covering holes from PP1 Spoiler?

    Hey guys, I bought the Type-GR (GT350 style) spoiler from Anderson C in Carbon Fibre. It’s an amazing looking spoiler. Only problem is the holes left from the PP1 spoiler, I believe it’s going to leave 4 holes. My shop gave me some options. They can fit plugs. They can use sealant or I can...
  4. KT3

    [MODS] Before & After Transformation

    Hello all, So I managed to do more than I wanted on my car this summer. Honestly, the only thing left to do is drop a stage 2 whipple in there.. Mods: JLT CAI, Corsa Xtreme Headers Xtreme Sound Corsa Xtreme Cat-back exhaust Dyno tuned (480whp ~) SVE R350 Rims - 19x10 / 19x11 // 285/305...
  5. Mikthehun1

    Freshly washed - redux

    Did a wash and wax this morning, then went for a drive around the north shore.
  6. Mustang_GT


  7. Matt88

    05-20 Mustang Custom strut tower covers and GT350R R emblems for sale!

    We mostly sell custom strut tower covers for the 2005-2020 Mustangs but have recently developed the R emblems for the gt350R at the request of a customer. My R emblems are dirt cheap compared to the other vendors I have seen so far but they don’t lack in quality. I won’t ship it if it doesn’t...
  8. cobraman800

    Arizona 2015+ Mustang GT PP1 Wheels and Tires

    2015+ mustang PP1 wheels. Wheels and Tires are like new, super good shape and have 1,500 miles on them. Wheels are 19" and Tires are 255's in front and 275's in the rear. See photos for tires brand and specs. One of the rears has a small road rash. These do not have the TMPS installed currently...
  9. cobraman800

    2015+ Mustang GT PP1 wheels and tires

    2015+ mustang PP1 wheels. Wheels and Tires are like new, super good shape and have 1,500 miles on them. Wheels are 19" and Tires are 255's in front and 275's in the rear. See photos for tires brand and specs. One of the rears has a small road rash, it is hardly noticeable. $1,300. Message with...
  10. cobraman800

    Arizona 2015+ Brembo brakes front and rear

    Up for sale is a complete brembo brake system off of a 2019 mustang gt. This should fit all 2015+ ecoboost, v6 and gt's. Like new, only 1500 miles on these. Comes with the calibers, pads, rotors and bolts. Front rotors are 15" and calipers are 13", Rear rotors are 11" and calipers are 7". make...
  11. meterman

    Ohio Cool Tech Ford Mustang Harness Belt Clips 2005+ Mustangs

    I am selling my Ford Mustang Harness Belt Clips made by Cool Tech LLC which consists of a set of 4 belt clips, 2 for each seat, for installing a lap belt harness. I decided to go with a 6 point harness so I upgraded to something to allow me to connect the lap belt and the anti sub the...
  12. Zeeshanhussain

    Borla atak or Corsa xtreme cat back?

    Hi, I know this question has been posted a few times but I can't decide which is best. The Borla Atak or Corsa Xtreme cat back? I really like the sound of the W204 6.2L C63 AMG and would love something that sounds similar for my 2020 Mustang gt. What do you guys think would be the best way to...
  13. North Carolina Corsa Active mufflers

    I am selling my corsa active mufflers from my 2019 GT, only around 2000 miles on them. Will not come with the actuators from mine, you should have your own to use with them from your stock mufflers. Polished tips, no dents or anything, the tips will be cleaned beforehand as well. Asking $1000...
  14. North Carolina SOLD: Project 6GR seven wheels & tires

    These wheels are tires have just around 2000 miles on them. 19x10 and 19x11. No chips or dents, only the back wheels have very slight scratching in the lug holes from putting lugs on and off. Will come with michelin pilot super sport tires and black lugs and tpms. Paid $3500 new, asking $2500...
  15. Danny's Garage

    Danny's Garage

  16. DeadSpool

    New PB Vid and Pro Photos!

    Well here’s my Pb on this new setup. Not bad for 7.5cylinders on 13.8psi and a 4000 DA. :D Also some track photographers were there and captured these:
  17. '19 'Stang

    '19 'Stang

  18. t14mhall

    Car shut off, won't turn back on and threw 3 codes

    Hey all- looking for some advice on my 2018 GT. I got into boost in 3rd gear and after letting off, the car shut off at about 70MPH. I managed to limp it home as I was right around the corner from my house. The car will crank and fire up for a second then stall out. When driving it was in...
  19. shitstang01

    AFR Stuck at 14

    Recently got long tube headers installed on my 2013 GT, have the front o2 sensors connected properly but only one is connected by an extension the other one could fit without any extensions. I’m also running open headers currently as I haven’t been able to find a shop to get my exhaust put back...
  20. Monica_Stang

    New York Mustang PP1 Front Rim

    2015-2020 Mustang Performance Pack Front Rim. Condition is Used. Asking $70 OBO. Local pick up (Long Island NY) or buyer pays shipping. This is a front rim for the 2015-2020 Performance Pack mustang GT This not in the best visual condition. It was been repainted after getting curbed very...