1. New never used Continental Extreme Contact Tires

    Planned on putting these extreme contacts on my Shelby Gt 350. Never did. Original cost was about $300 per tire. Looking to cut this cost in half to whom ever wants them. Just need them out of my house :) $600 even . Not looking to ship. I am located in New York I do not mind traveling a short...
  2. Michigan S550 PARTS

    Sold my car and had left over parts lying around, no need for them and priced to sell! 15-17 Style tail lights. Work perfectly fine but as you can see in the picture, the passenger side one had a little crack on the back but not on the Lens house so no moisture gets it. Already in styrofoam...
  3. Shelby GT350 Forged Wheels - Velgen Forged - Video

    Ford Mustang GT350 Velgen Forged SL-Series SL-5 - 20x11 / 20x11.5 Satin Black Center / Gloss Black Lips / Stainless Hardware
  4. 2015-2019 Ford Mustang Trunk Liner by WeatherTech - RPI Designs

    2015-2019 Ford Mustang Trunk Liner by WeatherTech Looking to protect your 2015-2019 Ford Mustang from all the harsh elements that the Spring, Winter, and Fall can throw at it? WeatherTech has a trunk mat, better known as a trunk liner to protect your Pony. WeatherTech® cargo liners provide...
  5. Shelby GT350 Forged Wheels - Velgen Forged

    Hello Mustang6G Community, here is the first Shelby GT350 on our SL-5's!!! Some would say they look better than the SL-7s:wink:. Who would like to be the second GT350? Ford Mustang GT350 Velgen Forged SL-Series SL-5 20x11 / 20x11.5 Satin Black Center / Gloss Black Lips / Stainless Hardware
  6. The ALL NEW 3.8L Whipple Supercharger for the 2020+ GT500 is finally here! Now available here at Lethal Performance!

    The wait is finally over. NOW AVAILABLE! Introducing the powerful and all new massive 3.8L Whipple Supercharger for the 2020+ GT500s! You've seen it teased but it is NOW available to order right here at Lethal Performance! This is the same system installed on our own 2020 GT500 Carbon Fiber...
  7. Virginia WTT 2020 PP1 Shadow Black Trunk for Base

    Just as the title states, I’m looking for someone willing to swap complete trunks. I have a PP1 trunk complete with the spoiler and need a base, undrilled trunk to swap with. Trunk/spoiler comes from a 2020 Shadow Black, looking for the same color/generation (18+) to save myself the hassle of...
  8. wheel fitment question

    i have a 2015 mustang and i want to run 19x11 +22 offset with 275/35/19 wheels i have a friend that has the same mustang that i have and he is running 20x10.5 +35 offset on 265/35/20 and his fitment is flush in the rear but in the front he added a half inch mm to clear the brakes. he is also...
  9. Bagged Shelby GT350 - Velgen Forged

    2020 Bagged Shelby GT350 Velgen Forged Series VFMP10 Full Polish Center, Full Polish Lip, Stainless Hardware 20x11 20x11.5
  10. Shelby GT350 - Velgen Forged

    2020 Shelby GT350 Velgen Forged SL Series SL-7 | Brushed Clear Center | Polish Lip 20x11 20x11.5
  11. Velgen Wheels - Now Serving GT350 Fitment

    Hello Mustang6G community. For a while now we have been working on perfecting the GT350 fitment. We have had multiple request from customers & dealers asking for us to step in & offer more options for the GT350 market. We are currently offering our SL Series in a 20x11 / 20x11.5 2-Piece Forged...
  12. MY 2008 SHELBY

    MY 2008 SHELBY

  13. MY 2013 BOSS 302

    MY 2013 BOSS 302

  14. MY 2013 BOSS 302

    MY 2013 BOSS 302

  15. 2015 mustang gt ticking/whining sound.

    I pulled off the valve covers saw nothing wrong. I have a feeling it’s a bent valve. Is there anything I can do if it is? I’m not trying to sound stupid I just don’t honestly know if there’s anything I can do.
  16. Florida FS: Twin Turbo 2017 Mustang GT: 900+WHP, 12K Miles, $45K!

    Selling my 900+whp 2017 Mustang GT (base) in Oxford White with 12,600 miles. This car can easily drive hours to the track with the AC on, run a 9-sec pass, and drive right home. It dyno’d 903whp/830wtq @ 15psi before the bumper exits and valvesprings were installed, so it should make a bit more...
  17. Magnaride Eibach sportline

    Will the eibach sportlines work with my 2020 mustang gt that has magnaride. I have a buddy who did it and said it worked but everywhere else it says it doesn’t fit. Can anyone help me ?
  18. 2016 Mustang GT - Putting car in Gear Causes RPMS to Surge and Almost Stall

    This is an issue that just started happening a few nights ago when I pout my car in Drive or Reverse with my foot still on the brake The car jerks forward or backwards depending on if I'm putting it in Reverse or Drive and the RPMS go from 750 to 400-500 and starts to surge and as soon as I...
  19. 2018+ / 2021 Mustang GT (6MT) Lose Auto Rev Matching With Mods?

    Good evening everyone! I’m a new owner to a 2021 Mustang GT Premium (6-Speed), and was curious about the auto rev-matching feature. I know how to rev match and that the feature works with OEM clutch, the Mt-82, etc. But I swear I saw somewhere that if I were to upgrade like the clutch spring...
  20. ~ New 2019 Mustang GT Owner ~

    Hey guys, I’m currently a new owner of a 2019 Mustang GT base model with a manual transmission. I’m definitely looking to add a little more power to the car, but not too crazy in that will affect reliability. I’m more of a YouTube mechanic, so basic issues I think I can handle. So far, I’ve...