1. Bosshog

    The Birth of GRAB R - Promo Video

    Finally finished shooting/editing this video for Benchmark Auto Salon . . . hope you all enjoy!
  2. Gt350r steering wheel?!

    Anyone selling gt350r steering wheel??
  3. Carbon Dynamics Help

    Hi All, Sorry if this is a repost but I am not sure what to do. I ordered a GT350R spoiler from Carbon Dynamics over 3 three weeks ago and have yet to hear from them. I have called and emailed multiple times with no avail. They took my money the day of and didn't provide a tracking number...
  4. Carbon Dynamics

    5.0 Coyote badge now available!

    Inspired by the Shelby GT350R rear badge, our 5.0 Coyote badge is completed in a gloss red and brushed aluminum finish, making it the perfect styling addition to anyone looking to stand out and set their Mustang GT apart from the rest. Our 5.0 Coyote badges are now in stock, Place your order...
  5. Usman

    Importing a GT350R to the UK?

    Hello All, After having visited these forums for the past few years, I finally took the plunge to register and start posting myself. As a UK resident, I was glad to hear that the Mustang GT was finally being sold through the dealerships here! However, with a 18 month waiting list...
  6. Voodoo

    2015 Shelby GT350R in Jay Leno's Garage

  7. Sam@CarbonDynamics

    GT350 Styled Fenders (preorder)

    This part is made to replicate the look of the GT350(R) fenders without the widebody effect that comes with the orginal fenders. This means It bolts on directly to any stock 2015-up GT, EcoBoost, and V6 Mustang. This part is made from high quality fiberglass and the vent inserts are made from...
  8. Sam@CarbonDynamics

    Carbon Fiber GT350 TrackPack styled spoiler

    Pre-order is now open for the carbon fiber GT350 Trackpack-styled spoiler. Quantity is limited, so secure if you are interested. :thumbsup:
  9. gt350 brakes on gt?

    How much trouble would it be to put GT350 front brakes on a base model GT ? i like the GT350 brakes better than the perf pack brakes but the spindle is different.
  10. Carbon Dynamics

    GT350 Track Pack Spoiler is coming...

    For those interested in the GT350's track pack spoiler... It's coming.
  11. Carbon Dynamics


    We are now taking pre-orders on the GT350-R's wing replica. Quantity is limited at the moment, so secure a copy as soon as possible. Delivery should start in about 2 weeks* if everything goes as planned. Please head on over to to place your orders. (View the site on...
  12. Carbon Dynamics

    GT350-R Wing is coming!

    We've receive our prototype from the printer, so we are now moving into full production. We would like to get a rough estimate of how many we should produce in this first run, so please take part in our poll. We would like to know those who are committed to buy and those who are on the fence...
  13. GT350R Dual Exhaust Modes (Normal vs Sport)

    [ame] Amazing differences in the Modes!
  14. MSRP GT350

    Does anyone know of anywhere to get the GT350 at MSRP? Dealers in my area are charging 20k over MSRP
  15. GT350 Dealers List.

    We need to come together in these times of ADM. If I'm paying ADM I might as well burn my money right in front of the salesman. What did they do to earn it? That's stealing if you are misinformed about the car you are trying to purchase or clueless. If you have information regarding a dealer...
  16. BadKarma!

    350 or 350R vs. 2015 Roush Stage 3 ?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone out there was also hypothetically considering the Roush stage 3 as an alternative to either of the two GT350's? I realize it's still very early but inquiring minds want to know and I'm interested in hearing different points of view and opinions. Also, I...
  17. 68fbjjz109

    Compiling GT350 and GT350R Lightweighted components

    As we know Ford has gone through some effort to get the GT350 and GT350R lighter without sacrificing performance. Which is often difficult to do. Maybe would should start collecting information on what components are light weighted, their part number, their weight, their cost, Pictures, and...
  18. GallopingFord

    Ordering Guide - 2015-2016 Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustang

    FOR 2017 GT350 and GT350R ORDER GUIDE (Originally Posted by TOODLES): UPDATE 9/1/15 WITH FULL SPECIFICATIONS (Thanks to Bossing for Posting): UPDATE 5/22/15! Updated Ordering Guide: GT350/GT350R (REV 5/22/15) Original Post - See below...