1. gr3atwhit3

    California GT350(R) Rear Seat set

    Selling a partial "rear seat kit" I put together for my 2020 GT350R, which I'm currently selling, so no further need for this. This is from a GT350 with Recaro seats, great condition, and the stitching has already been (painstakingly) colored/dyed red to match the stitching in a GT350R (fabric...
  2. VibeMotorsports

    Klassen ID F53R Flow Forged Wheels - Fits all Mustangs - Member Pricing - by Vibe Motorsports

    Klassen ID F53R Klassen ID just introduced their new Flow Forged Monoblock wheel - the F53R Wheels can be custom ordered with any offset. Built time is currently 10-14 days. Available in - Dark Graphite (standard finish) Custom Finishes are available on request for an additional fee. Wheel...
  3. PPF on matte stripes? Examples?

    Hi all, I plan on having my 19 R fully wrapped with paint protection film soon. I am having trouble on deciding if I should cover the matte stripes with matte film or just leave them uncovered. What have you done with your matte stripes? Does anyone have any examples?
  4. JerkyChew

    Just bought a 2020 HEP R, getting a rollbar - Black or Guardsman Blue?

    So I gave in to FOMO and just bought a 2020 HEP R sight unseen. It's going straight to Shelby in Nevada for the Signature Edition package and some other goodies before coming home. I wanted to make the car as musch of an homage to the 1965 Flying Mustang as possible, so I let them talk me into a...
  5. Need your help

    I plan to make so much content this coming spring, you guys can watch my progress to hopefully TT in Nasa. In March ill start in HPDE 3 Help I need subscribers!

    Hi all, I have a GT350 owners supplement for sale. I am unable to locate the owner. Chassis HR853. If you are interested, please let me know. Comes with all items included in the supplement kit. $400 OBO. Thanks!
  7. Red_fox487

    California 2019 gt350r Carbon Wheel/Tire Set

    This wheel set is off an 800 mile 2019 R. No curb rash or scratches. One small chip on the ceramic coating on one single wheel. Original sport cup tires. Center caps and OEM lugs will be included Text or call me directly @ (925) 448-5380 Asking $13,500 OBO
  8. PPF over matte stripes? Stek reviews? Gt350R

    Hello, Looking to PPF my GT350R on the 14th of next month. However, not sure what to do with the stripes. The installer recommended just leaving them bare or they can install matte PPF over the stripes. What have you guys with matte stripes and PPf decide to do? Thanks much for the feedback...
  9. 2017_GT350

    New Jersey FS: **Brand New** VMP 137 Monoblade Throttle Body

    I am selling a brand new, never installed VMP 137 monoblade throttle body. My build plans changed significantly as I waited for the MMR billet intake manifold for over 2 months. I am now selling several parts that I accumulated in the late summer/early fall. Part #: VMP-M137-F Fitment: 2015 -...
  10. 2017_GT350

    New Jersey FS: **Brand New** MMR Billet Intake Manifold

    I am selling a brand new, never installed MMR billet intake manifold. I waited over 2 months to get the part and by the time it was received (Friday, 11/20/20), my build plans changed significantly. Features: *Clears All Factory 2011-2017 Mustang hoods & ALL 2011-2020 F150 Hoods and 2020+ GT500...
  11. Outside of North America OEM GT350R Carbon Fiber Wheels - $11999 - Puerto Rico

    Hi Guys! I have a used set of gt350r OEM wheels! They are in excellent condition, no issues, still have the tires on(tires are bald). No Shipping! Only for local pickup in Puerto Rico!
  12. 2019 Shelby GT350R

    2019 Shelby GT350R

    My ultimate Mustang: the car I waited my whole life for - in Velocity Blue! 5.2l Voodoo V8, 6 speed, magnetic dampers, Mustang 6G wheels shod with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (305/325) w/CF M Sport Cup 2s shod wheels racked in my garage. Ready for track duty (fully wrapped in clear vinyl).
  13. Kylling

    Florida OEM GT350R spoiler

    I have a spare OEM spoiler, which was in fight with my garage door. I had the spoiler properly repaired by professionals, and the spoiler looks like new. See pictures both before/after repair for full transparency. Can provide more pictures if requested. Mounting brackets and hardware included...
  14. Crashed my GT350R into 8ft ditch [Updated with $44k repair cost bill]

    Updated September 16, 2020 If anyone remembers a few months back i crashed my GT350R. I recently got the car completely finished. At first the car was done in mid June but when i went to change the wheels/tires i noticed A LOT of damage on the three brake calipers that weren't replaced so after...
  15. Anyone have any experience with Corsa Long tubes on a gt350r?

    Getting ready to do some small mods to my gt350r. Steeda motor mounts, headers fro either Corsa or stainless works, and a tune. I haven't really decided whether a cai will be worthwhile or not. I'm really just struggling to decide what brand headers to go with.
  16. meterman

    GT SOLD...MRT Hood Strut Kit Black GT350/GT350R 2015-2020 MRT: 80U901- BLACK

    SOLD.... I am selling a set of MRT Hood Strut Kit Black GT350/GT350R 2015-2020 MRT: 80U901- BLACK They were a gift from my kids but I decided not to keep them. They bought them off CJ Pony Parts, here's the link to the item...
  17. California FS: GT350R Rear Seat Delete Panel

    2019 GT350R OEM Rear Seat Delete Panel For Sale [SOLD] Removed at 4000mi Like New Condition No hardware, but easy enough to source the 3 bolts from any Ford dealer I live in Sacramento - Local pickup only please, I do not wish to ship Thanks $550
  18. whip_test

    California GT350R OEM Carbon Fiber Wheels, TPMS, Cup 2 Tires, Michelin Tire Covers

    Selling my set of GT350R Carbon Fiber Wheels wrapped in Cup 2's with accompanying individual Michelin wheel & tire covers. These wheels were ceramic coated before use and driven on for a little less than 50mi before stored away for safe keeping. **One note, small scuff on the paint of the inside...
  19. viper11511

    South Dakota 2017 GT350R, 1,295 miles (Full Ford warranty to 2025) $59,900

    2017 Ford Mustang GT350R 1,295 miles. (EXTENDED FORD WARRANTY TO 2025!) $59,900. Purchased new from O.C.Welch in South Carolina and delivered to South Dakota in 2017. I am the second owner as I traded a good friend for a Porsche 911 Turbo I owned. He purchased the car new and had it serviced...

    Hi all, Thank you for allowing me to join. I am in search of a 19 GT350R in orange fury. It must be fully loaded including painted black roof from the factory. Looking for low miles. Please text or call 513-338-9761 if you have one or know of anyone. Thanks so much!