1. MAPerformance St. Patrick's Day Sale Additional 7% stacked savings on all in-stock MAPerforman

    This week we are running a MAPerformance St. Patrick's Day Sale We will be offering an additional 7% stacked savings on all in-stock MAPerformance parts. Instant Savings! No code needed *some exclusions apply. Shop Now!
  2. Texas FS: Catted High Flow Mishimoto Downpipe

    Hey guys, this DP has only 6,000 miles on it. I changed it out for the CVF catless DP so I am selling this one. It cost me around $500 new so I am selling it for $275. It comes with everything shown and it's a super easy install for a DIY person.
  3. The Ecoboost Exhaust Manifold/Gasket Design Flaw

    Has anyone else had issues with the Ecoboost's exhaust donut gasket wearing out and leaking regularly? Every year I have to replace the gasket because it disintegrates and starts leaking. It is a huge PITA to replace due to the clamping mechanism and where Ford decided to put the bolts. There...
  4. Florida Sold: Stainless Works Exhaust and Downpipe

    Finally putting up for sale the rest that remains of my Ecoboost I parted out. Was on the car for around 15k miles. 1. Stainless Works Catted Downpipe (One piece downpipe) 2. Stainless Works Cat-Back with Y-Pipe. Can sell separately, but work well together. Best sounding exhaust setup and good...
  5. Review of the CV Fabrication 3" Catted Downpipe

    First off need to recognize that this is a company that is going to make a difference that some of the high dollar people need to take note on. They have a price point that is fair and quality that is 2nd to none. Add to that an exceptional support/sales teams that actually respond and listen...
  6. EcoBoost Ecoboost Part EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

    I have several Ecoboost Mustang parts for sale that will turn your car into an absolute rocket!! PM me if you're interested or have an offer. For the heavier items, I'll split the shipping cost with you if you need them shipped. * COBB Accessport | 2015-2017 Ford Mustang Ecoboost (Unmarried) -...
  7. SHOW US YOUR BORLA® Contest!

    Enter the Show Us Your Borla Photo / Video Contest today for your chance to win $1,000 & a Trip to the 2017 SEMA Show!! #BorlaContest2017 SHOW US YOUR BORLA® is an online contest for owners of vehicles that are fitted with products manufactured by BORLA® Performance Industries – this...

    I sold my mustang and have some parts for sale. All parts came off a 2015 manual Ecoboost mustang, and I'm located in Maryland. Parts are used but all in good shape. FULLRACE front mount intercooler and pipes $500 includes all clamps and couplers CPE Downpipe catless $200 Sto n sho front tag...
  9. Downpipe FS $100

    Ecoboost downpipe for sale got it on Ebay for $250,just want it gone, pick it up for $100! Im in Irvine.Pics tonight,work atm.
  10. Smoking at idle magically stopped, good or bad?

    Not so quick background go to bottom for a tl;dr Catless downpipe was installed in Nov 2015. The car NEVER smoked before this install but from now on smoking was the norm and alleviated by holding my idle at 1200 till the smoke cleared. You're probably thinking why didn't he get a catch can...
  11. Off-road downpipe

    Hello ecostangs Debating which downpipe to get its between Mishimoto, ATP, Cp-e. I need help getting more details on price, hp & torque gains, and dyno numbers. Can anyone help me out and give me feed back if you currently have any of these downpipes.
  12. FS: MAP catless downpipe, MAP Hot side Charge Pipe (no BOV)

    Hey everyone, I have a few items up for sale. I've already put this up in the marketplace section, but I don't want anyone (or myself) to bear the burden of ridiculous shipping costs. The following items are what I have: $300 - MAPerformance Catless downpipe $110 - MAPerformance Hot side charge...
  13. FS: MAP catless downpipe, MAP Hot side Charge Pipe

    I have the following items for sale: $300 plus shipping - MAP catless downpipe $130 shipped - MAP hot side charge pipe Both have been wiped clean. I have another thread with my Eibach sportline springs and the hot side pipe, but left out the downpipe in that one. Thanks for viewing!
  14. Sold Out!

    Full-Race Catted Downpipe - Sold Full-Race Street Cat-back Exhaust - Sold Full-Race Intercooler Kit - Sold UPR Dual Valve Catch Can - Black / 2.25" - Sold TUNE+ Upgraded Wastegate Actuator (w/ logo) - Sold Everything is brand new. My loss is your gain. Enjoy! Local Cash pickup...
  15. Downpipe performance comparison!

    Lets try to use each other as much as possible! Looking for votes on who makes the best downpipe setup for this car. Please take into consideration sound, overall performance gains, fitment, and build quality! It looks like there's a decently long list so I hope this thread will be...
  16. WTB : Mishimoto Catted Downpipe

    Looking for a Mishimoto downpipe for a Ecoboost Mustang, catted preferred.
  17. Running a downpipe without a tune? Problem?

    What are the possible consequences of running a downpipe without a tune? (other than the secondary o2 deficiency code and the pvc smoking issue) Could a downpipe cause unnecessary wear on the turbo, sensors, or engine? Would boost creeping/over boost or maybe even running lean be a possible issue?