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  1. Tennessee SOLD : 2019 Ford Mustang GT/CS

    FOR SALE : near Nashville TN. - 2019 Ford Mustang GT Premium, California Special edition. Silver exterior / Black leather and suede interior. Heated and A/C seats. Car is actually bone stock, except for aftermarket fuel door (replacement to factory door coming from paint shop soon). Car has...
  2. Tennessee GT California Special Mats

    Looking for a set of Factory floor mats for a 2019-2023 GT California Special. Please contact me if you have or no where I can find a pair.
  3. ||| Tikbalang5.0 Build ||| A do everything style Build

    After being inspired by another GT/CS owner post on here. So this will be the beginning of my build journal for my 2023 Mischievous Purple Mustang GT California Special with a 6 speed. Some notes on the car in its current state: It is stock aside from wheels/tires, and an RTR shift knob...
  4. Iconic_GTCS | 2021 Mustang GT/CS 10R80

    Welcome to the Build Log, where I embark on an exciting journey with my magnificent 2021 Mustang GT California Special! This iconic beauty, adorned in the timeless Iconic Silver hue, was lovingly handpicked during a memorable visit to South Carolina, setting the stage for my extraordinary...
  5. 3” AWE Touring Exhaust - 16 GT/CS

    I recently installed the 3” AWE Touring Catback on my 2016 Mustang GT/CS and wanted to post a quick review! This is a complete polished 3” system complete with a resonated H-Pipe and touring mufflers. I decided to go with the Black Diamond tips which pairs well with my black diffuser! I chose...
  6. 2017 California special seat covers?

    I love the seats in my car, but the previous owner was a slob and spilled drinks and crap all over the front seats on my 2017 California special(see the photo enclosed). Does anyone have the part number, or a place where I can purchase original seat covers replacement for my front seats? They...
  7. PP2 Wheels on 2016 California Special GT

    Is anybody running PP2 wheels on there PP1 or California Special? I'm looking for the right fitment for the fronts. Plan on wrapping 285/30/19 for the front wheels (19x10.5) to have it poking less. Does anybody have pics or any recommendations? Please and thank you for the input and guidance in...
  8. Virginia 2020 GT Premium California Special for sale, Only 2k miles

    I'm Based in northern Virginia and hate to let this beauty go. I had it brand new in Oct 2020, and drove only 2000 miles since then. I'm the first and only owner. Always garage kept, and never drive in the rain. No modification at all. I'm selling for $49,500 OBO. manufacture warranty Must deal...
  9. 2016 mustang GT transmission stuck at redline

    Hello all, I have a 2016 Mustang GT (California special) with the automatic transmission. Last night, when I was at a stoplight, I put it in S from the shifter and gave it about 20% throttle, then midway at about 4k RPM, I went WOT (still in 1st gear). The RPM went all the way up to past 7K...
  10. Rohana RC9’s on my ruby red CS

    Made a swap from my Cali Special oem’s (which are for sale btw). I went with Rohana RC9’s 20x10 and 20x11. 275/35 and 305/35 Pirelli P Zero AS for rubber. I think it turned out pretty well. I paint matched my calipers while at it just for good measure.
  11. White 19 GT C/S Borla Black Tips or Chrome?

    I did a Ford Performance X pipe res delete at first. The stock mufflers still sound good for stock but I want more growl. I decided to go with the Borla S Type axle back from here after about a month of forums and videos. Help me pick between black or chrome tips! My GT is Oxford White!
  12. Jobes Mustang

    Jobes Mustang

  13. 2017 Lightning Blue GT/CS

    2017 Lightning Blue GT/CS

  14. Cali GT

    Cali GT

  15. Photography Spots in Orange County, CA

    My fiance and I want to take photos of our Mustangs. Anyone have any good recommendations for some photography spots in Orange County, CA? Also if anyone has any photos to share of your mustangs in Orange County Feel free to Post!
  16. 2017 CS/GT Mustang

    2017 CS/GT Mustang

  17. Black substance on Auto Trans mount

    Hello all, Recently purchased a lightly used 2016 Mustang GT/CS (auto with 19k miles). Upon purchasing the car, I went to my mechanic to check to see if there are any visible issues with the car's underbody. Apparently, we found some kind of black substance on the transmission mount. Doesn't...
  18. Sean's Black Cali Special

    Sean's Black Cali Special

  19. APR Splitter for GT CS

    So I was thinking about adding a front end splitter for my GT CS and unfortunately I can't find any vendor who makes a splitter specially for the longer CS lips. I was wondering if anyone could let me know if and where APR or anyone else makes a splitter for the 16 California Special front ends...
  20. Newbie

    Hello all, From Dallas, TX - New to the mustang world here. I own a 2016 Mustang GT/CS! No performance mods yet. Just cosmetic stuff right now: Lowered on H&R Super Sport Springs and windows tinted (15% sides, 5% rear). I'm interested in knowing what the firsts mods you guys did were...