DIY: Black Painted S550 Headlights

Some love chrome on their vehicles, others hate it. Regardless of your tastes, it is hard to deny the popularity of blacking out badges, emblems and other chrome accents.

Of course, some parts are easier to access than others.

The S550 Mustang has a modest amount of chrome trim surrounding the headlights and amber corners. To access it requires a combination of patience and resourcefulness. To this, our friend Nathan Brummer has lent a hand with a DIY guide for his blacked out headlight modification which has quickly become one of our favorites.

This is one of those do-it-yourself projects which requires a trip to the kitchen, unless of course your garage has an oven.

After heating the entire headlight housing at 250-degrees for multiple 10-to-15 minute cycles in order to slowly pry it open, Nathan was finally able to tape off the daytime running lights and other non-chrome areas before letting the black plastic spray paint take care of the rest.

The end result has given his S550 (and a few others we have seen) a stealthy and sinister squint that shows it is sometimes the smallest of modifications that can have the biggest impact.

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