Ford Mustang the Best-Selling Sports Car in Germany Last Month

The Ford Mustang has always represented one of the best dollar-per-horsepower values of any vehicle you can buy in the United States and the current generation S550 in particular has seen very strong sales numbers with over 12,000 vehicles sold last month in the domestic market alone and over 120,000 vehicles sold in the last 12 months.

Now that global availability in Europe and elsewhere has begun to accelerate, American drivers are not the only ones showing love for the S550 Mustang, with strong initial sales in the United Kingdom, Australia and now, Germany — the latter which has seen the Ford Mustang outsell homegrown stalwarts Porsche and Audi last month to become Germany’s favorite sports car in March 2016, according to data published by German Federal Motor Transport Authority, KBA.

Despite the comparatively higher priced four- and eight-cylinder models which start at about €38,000, (~$43,000) and €43,000 (~$49,000) respectively, which includes taxes and fees, the Mustang is still favorably priced against the best-selling sports car in Germany, the Porsche 911 which starts at €96,000 or about $110,000 for a base model with no options.

Ford sold 780 Mustangs in Germany last month compared to 709 Audi TTs and 752 Porsche 911s. The latter should be unsurprising given the 911’s much higher price tag, although the Mustang still managed to beat out the Porsche Boxster and Cayman twins combined which sold for a combined 642 vehicles in Germany last month.

Now that the S550 Mustang has brought the vehicle to Europe and many other parts of the world where it has been previously unavailable, customers around the world are taking notice.

“Germans have fallen in love with the Mustang. Driving a Mustang GT on the Autobahn is a one of a kind experience for people who love cars,” said Wolfgang Kopplin, managing Director Ford Germany.

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