2016 Road Race Mustang Listing – Shelby GT350S Mustang?

The Ford Performance Parts website has a placeholder for a “2016 Road Race Mustang” which could signal that a 2016 GT350S Mustang is coming in early 2016.

The placeholder description reads “2016 Model Year Ford Racing Road Race Prepared Mustang” with a targeted availability of the first quarter of 2016 and a price of $89,995.

As noted by Ford dealer and M6G member ncford, who uncovered this parts listing, Ford dealers will be able to order this car much like with the Boss 302S, which was an entry level, purpose built road racing Mustang, built and priced to appeal to the hardcore enthusiast and NASA and SCCA approved for competition.

Have a look at this 2016 Road Race Mustang placeholder from Ford Racing.