Vossen S550 with GT350 Style Hood and Type ST Trunk

When an aftermarket company gets their hands on a Mustang, exciting things tend to happen. That is the case with Vossen’s Project Black S550 Mustang, a build whose evolution we have been following for over a year now.

In that time this S550 has transformed from a regular stock Black 2015 Mustang GT to a finely tuned machine with full Steeda suspension upgrades (bushings, subframe support brace, front and rear sway bars, toe rods, differential bushings), Full Roush Performance aero kit including front fascia, hood vents, side skirts, spoiler, and quad tip exhaust, and the Anderson Composites Type ST carbon fiber trunk and GT350 style carbon fiber hood.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Vossen build without some stunning wheels, as this vehicle has been used as a test bed for about a dozen different Vossen luxury chrome wheels setups including the Vossen Forged VPS-306 (pictured).

See the build thread and installed photos of the Anderson Composites GT350 Style Hood and Type ST Trunk in the forums.