GT350R vs BMW M2

Both the 2016 Shelby GT350R and the new BMW M2 were Top Gear award-winners in 2016 and although the ethos of each vehicles is very different, their price tags and track prowess make for an interesting comparison and the article a great read.

In this Top Gear review the drivers took to the canyons of Southern California, home to some of the best driving roads in America, along the twisties of the Maricopa Highway through the Los Padres Forest in Ojai, California, to put the two vehicles through its paces.

It’s a true testament to the vehicle and the Ford Performance engineers who built it that the GT350R has inspired such high praise among the automotive journalists who, time and again, have lauded it not only for its awesome corner-carving ability but also its sheer fun factor.

“Despite the physicality of it, it’s an addictive onslaught. Not once do I climb out of the GT350R without puffing my cheeks out in disbelief, a wide-eyed grin plastered across my face,” writes Jack Rix.

It’s enough for the author to proclaim:

“[I]f I could choose one car to drive on one road before I die, the Mustang would be right up there. Its ability to deliver the American dream, along with its chassis of genuine talent, is a revelation. Both fully deserve the praise we’re heaping on them, but, if I’m honest, the Stang is the one that burned itself deepest into my heart.”

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