Mach 1 S550 Mustang Video

A Mach 1 S550 Mustang has been widely expected by the community since the first rumors surfaced back in October 2013 and early last month we brought you the first photos of a prototype presumed to be the next installment of the famed nameplate.

We now have new photos and the very first video of that Mustang mule which provide new clues of the next high performance S550 from Team Mustang.

Seen wearing Mustang GT clothing, the Mach 1 mule has several distinguishing exterior features including an aggressive front splitter with two support rods connected to the lower grille.

The rear of the vehicle sports what appear to be a Ford Racing decklid panel with an integrated ducktail spoiler. As in previous sightings, this mule was equipped with a quad tip exhaust setup that as we hear in the video, packs an audible punch.

The Mach 1 mule sits on 10-spoke brushed aluminum wheels in the rear which are nearly identical to those found on the Boss 302 Laguna Seca and are wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero 275/40R19 tires. The mismatched front wheels are the ebony black-painted GT performance package wheels.

Luckily, we get a chance to see the wheels in action in this first video showing the vehicle launching down the local roads of Dearborn, Michigan.

Even in this brief clip you can hear the louder, more throaty rumble emanating from the Mach 1 mule during open throttle.

See the full Mach 1 S550 Mustang mule photos and video in the forums.