GT350 Track Attack Debut

Yesterday marked the opening day of the new GT350 Track Attack program and of course, GT350 owners from Mustang6G were on hand to partake in the inaugural first track day with Ford Performance Racing School instructors at the Utah Motorsports Campus in Tooele, Utah.

You’ve read the general descriptions and program outline from Ford Performance, but here is what you can really expect at the GT350 Track Attack…

M6G member Matt Kulka (mattlqx) owner of a Deep Impact Blue 2016 Shelby GT350 with technology package attended Day One of the program and recaps the morning session which mirrored the types of driving exercises and instruction in the Boss Track Attack program:

GT350 Track Attack

“The morning is made to get the beginners acquainted with some basic skills including classroom time going over apexes, braking, weight transfer theory, etc. After that, some slow lead-follow laps and then you get broken out into smaller ~6 person groups and rotate stations. Heal-toe/braking clinic, slider dolly car to work on over/under steer, and a basic oval with reducing and increasing radius turns and slalom.”

The afternoon of Day One began with a lead-follow session followed by seat time with instructors in the passenger seat and culminating with a final session of solo driving and a ride along in two hot laps piloted by the Ford Racing instructors.

All told from start to finish of Day One, Matt managed about 100 miles of seat time in a GT350 equipped with Watson Racing roll bar and Safecraft 4-point harnesses.

No doubt Ford Performance is aiming for a pure owner’s experience as nothing else was done to the GT350 vehicles except the addition of Castrol brake fluid and longer, open wheel studs. Even the brake pads and tires were stock.

This is in stark contrast to the purpose-built race car that awaits in optional (but recommended) Day Two of the program…

Boss FRS - GT350 Track Attack

For a fee of $1900 sans insurance costs, the second day of the program promises to push the envelope by allowing attendees to experience a fully race-prepped “Boss FRS.”

Used for the Boss Track Attack program, the Boss FRS is a 2012-13 Boss 302 with a comprehensive suite of upgrades including adjustable suspension, lightweight flywheel, full rollcage, substantial weight reduction, massive fixed-caliper brakes and BFG R1 race-compound tires. If you can stomach the cost, this is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people to even sit in a vehicle like this, much less get behind the wheel.

Even if you can’t make it to Day Two, attendees will leave the GT350 Track Attack with more than just better driving skills and a permanent grin.

Professional photographers are on hand to shoot hundreds of photos and video of your experience which are loaded onto USB flash drives for GT350 owners to take home with them. You will also leave with a very cool trophy that is a miniature replica of the GT350 fender along with a GT350 Track Attack t-shirt, sticker, certificate of completion and a Ford Performance Parts catalog.

Check out Matt’s full recount, review and photos of his GT350 Track Attack program experience in the forums.