Dyno: GT350 ARH Headers and Exhaust

For the last few months, American Racing Headers and Exhaust has been prototyping and testing a set of ARH long-tubes and off-road exhaust for the 2015-2016 Shelby GT350.

M6G member Voodooo (Scott) has been the proverbial guinea pig for GT350 owners patiently waiting for other aftermarket header and exhaust options to really open up the sound while providing some added power potential in the process.

After weeks of wait, Scott finally scheduled dyno time at Watson Racing facilities in Michigan to find out the results of the ARH goodies he has installed.

The 100% stock baseline dyno showed 454.2-horsepower and 370.5 lb-ft of torque using 93 octane fuel. With the ARH long-tube headers, off-road X-pipe, stock mufflers and stock tune, the GT350 put down 484.6-horsepower and 389.4 lb-ft of torque with 93 octane, for a gain of 30.4 HP and 18.9 LB-FT.

Stay tuned as Scott has plans to go back to Watson after he gets his Lund tune dialed in and E85 or race fuel is added.

See the dyno results and video of this Shelby GT350 with American Racing Headers long-tubes and exhaust in the forums.