2016 Mustang Spotted in Right Hand Drive

With the 2016 Mustang being offered in dozens of new regions across the world, we were bound to eventually get a glimpse of a RHD (right-hand drive) version of it leaving U.S. shores.

Well, that happened sooner than expected.  This TT-build Competition Orange 2016 Mustang GT Premium fastback was caught by M6G member RBS550 in Michigan, either being sent to O’Hare Airport for export to Europe or staying in Dearborn for additional testing by the Ford Product Development Center.

Regardless, we can clearly see the right-hand drive configuration in addition to the clear tail lights (which we showed you first here), Euro-spec side mirrors, and lack of the LED daytime running light gills in the headlights.  To the chagrin of many members, however, this auto transmission GT does come with the Performance Package.

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