2015 Mustang Barton Shifter Review

In case you missed it, here is a great install and review of the Barton Industries shifter for the 2015 Mustang, courtesy of Brian of Vossen Wheels.

Brian installed Barton’s 25% short throw shifter and reported that it eliminated 90% of the noise and greatly reduced vibration from the stock shifter as a result of the extra padding provided by the Barton shifter.  Installation took about three hours without a lift.

As for performance, Vossen sums it up by stating:

“When shifting into gears it’s solid and almost impossible to miss a gear once you get used to the new [shorter] throws.  What I noticed with my stock shifter is that before going into the gate it seemed like something would catch for a second and then go into gear… but with the Barton shifter the transition from each gear is smooth and solid.”

Catch the full review and installation photos in the forums.