MMD 2015-17 Mustang Quarter Window Louvers

Over the years,  one of the most popular modifications to make on a Ford Mustang is the addition of quarter window louvers.

Harkening back to the days of the classic fastback Mustangs, many enthusiasts want to bring a taste of that retro styling to their very own modern day Mustang.

The folks at Modern Muscle Design have brought a new spin to the classic style we all know and love.

Installing directly to the glass, this set of 2015-17 Mustang quarter window louvers features an open design with 3 slots and are painted to match your S550 fastback coupe and bring a big visual change to the side view of your Mustang.

See M6G member suckerv’s installation and review of the MMD 2015-17 Mustang quarter window louvers in the forums.