Boost Works 1000HP Twin Turbo GT350 Build

The forced induction experts at Boost Works recently got their hands on a 2016 Shelby GT350 with technology package and immediately made plans to find out just how much power its 5.2-liter flat plane crank V8 engine could handle with twin turbochargers.

Understanding the characteristics of the Shelby GT350 and the qualities that have drawn it so much praise, from the high-revving naturally aspirated engine to its exotic sound, the Boost Works squad knew at the outset they did not want to alter the sound or power band so much that the GT350 would lose the personality that Ford Performance imbued it with.

“The key to keeping the sound the same (with the addition of some turbine music) is to build a proper set of manifolds. The turbo manifolds will be built from 321 stainless steel, and will feature 1.75″ primaries with 2.5″ collectors.

The runner length will be optimized to make the best use of the flat plane engine’s exhaust pulses for scavenging, as well as timing the pulses to reach the turbine in a fixed pattern. This will help with transient response and lag,” Travis Burelle of Boost Works explained.

To combat turbo lag and maintain a linear power band, Boost Works opted for the Comp Turbo Triplex billet wheel 5862 which uses a unique design packaged into a billet aluminum cartridge and does not require engine oil.

The goal here is 1000-horsepower to the wheels and to help it achieve this target Boost Works will be experimenting with flow rates of the OEM twin fuel pump design using Kenne Bell’s tried and true dual 40amp/20 volt Boost-a-Pump voltage booster.

“This has been proven to provide enough fuel for 1000 WHP with the GT500. We’re hoping for similar results here. If not, we’ll redesign with a new basket and pump setup” said Travis.

When all is said and done, the team at Lund Racing will be tuning this twin-turbocharged GT350 using the Lund Racing nGauge, with ID1300 injectors.

The team will be rolling out the build over the next several months and has already made substantial progress on the turbo manifolds.

Check out the Boost Works 1000 HP Twin Turbo Shelby GT350 Build and the planned list of modifications in the forums.