ICYMI: 2019 Mach 1 Rendered

With every new exterior redesign of the Ford Mustang there are people who love it and those who do not.

Lucky for us car enthusiasts in this day and age, not only can we see a digital preview of any planned modifications for our vehicles, but we get to imagine special edition Mustangs such as this Mach 1 mockup from M6G member chrisvr6.

With the signature Mach 1 styling cues such as the all-important black shaker hood and the tri-bar pony badge, we can only hope that a Ford Mach 1 revival is in the cards, perhaps for its upcoming 50th anniversary for the 2019 model year — even if the rumor mill has fallen silent.

Until we get more, we’ll all have to chew on this 2019 Ford Mustang Mach 1 rendering (and other 2018 Mustang-based digital renditions) in the forums.