AWE Announces Mustang Product Lineup with Electronic Active Exhaust

AWE Tuning announced yesterday plans to expand beyond its engineering R&D of exclusively European makes and enter the Ford Mustang market with an upcoming new product line for the S550 Mustang GT and EcoBoost.

The products include an exhaust line up that will feature three variants: AWE’s Touring Edition which brings sophisticated tone across the RPM range, AWE’s SwitchPath™ valved system, which offers sound-variation at the touch of an included remote, and the Track Edition which offers a consistently aggressive note all of the time.

“Twenty-six years in European performance engineering has led to this. An exhaust, and soon to be carbon fiber intake line, that will take our precision-engineering approach and offer it to the American car market,” stated AWE Tuning’s VP of Marketing, Jesse Kramer.

Later this year, AWE will offer a racing-only carbon fiber intake line for the S550 Mustang, which AWE has dubbed their “S-FLO” product line. The company will be releasing additional information about their S550 product portfolio which will be launched in partnership with AmericanMuscle, as the debut gets closer so stay tuned to the forums.

For now, feast on AWE’s product preview and teaser video in the forums.