Shelby GT350 Front Splitter Install

By now, most owners and prospective buyers of the 2015-2016 Shelby GT350 who have been following our forums know that the vehicle arrives at dealerships with the front splitter uninstalled and packaged in a box in the trunk in order to prevent damaging the part during transport.

Ford Motor Company has sent out a bulletin to its dealerships with instructions on installing the front splitter as part of its pre-delivery inspection process prior to final delivery to the customer.  However, as with any dealer-installed parts this is something you will definitely want to keep an eye on when taking delivery, as more than one GT350 owner has discovered an improperly installed front splitter after taking delivery.

Luckily, one of those owners, M6G member Steve16, who recently picked up his 2016 GT350, noticed a gap between the top of the front splitter and the bottom lip of the front fascia while inspecting its underside, and has provided detailed installation instructions and pictures to the benefit of current and future 2015-2016 GT350 owners.

So whether your front splitter has been installed by the dealership or you have opted to install it yourself after delivery, be sure to check out his helpful tips.

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