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    Has anyone done much datalogging with the Procal 4 yet? I suspect I am seeing some knock after installing the new power pack on my 19 GT with an A10. Ford Performance hasn't been especially quick to replying to emails, so I'd like to see what I can figure out on my own. I don't see a knock PID, so I was wondering if it was just called something else in Procal. Does anyone know? I currently am displaying the following:

    Engine Load
    Timing Adv

    I attached a quick plot I made with a datalog from my drive home. I didn't include RPM to try to make it a little more readable, but can add it back in if it would be helpful. Lrnd_Knk_Mod and Oct_Adjust are all 0, so I also haven't plotted them. This was a small section of my drive home, which is mostly up a steep hill. There was a lot of traffic today, so there was a lot of on-off throttle conditions.

    I can also take some logs under different driving conditions as needed. Drive Home.PNG

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