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Aug 7, 2016
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Long Island, New York
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Hello everyone,

My name is Brian, I go by Lethal5.0 on all Mustang related places. I currently have a 2017 GT Premium with the 6R80 transmission. I bought my car on August 19, 2016, exactly two years ago today.

In that time, I have focused mostly on cosmetic modifications. As a college student, most of my money went toward owning my dream car. In the past two years though, I have partnered with several companies and have added some great mods to my car.

Here she was at the dealer.




And here is how she sits today






So far I've basically only done cosmetic mods, but with the end of my warranty I am planning to add FBO and a Lund Tune in the coming months, with some other goodies.


My first mod on the car, I partnered with 305ForgedWheels based out of California and got a set of their FT107's powder coated in gloss black. The fronts are 20x9+32 sitting on BFGoodrich Comp 2 A/S 255/35r20 tires and the rears 20x10.5+42 sitting on BFGoodrich Comp 2 A/S 285/35r20 tires.

The first thing about these wheels is how great they look in my opinion. Similar to the stock Performance Pack Wheels, which I personally love, but more aggressive. The offset is perfect, especially in the rear. I coated these with CarPro UK ceramic coating to help with the ease of cleaning. Overall, they've held up pretty well, although I did have a wheel which bent (and was bent back into place without the use of more than a rubber mallet). 305ForgedWheels was prompt with not only their response, but ensuring I received a replacement wheel. They offer a lifetime structural warranty, and a 7 year cosmetic warranty. I would highly recommend their wheels to anyone who wants an aggressive and strong looking wheel without breaking the bank.

Use discount code "LETHAL" for 10% off.

Carbon Fiber:

I was told by some friends that once you buy your first carbon fiber piece, it becomes an addiction, and they were not wrong.

As part of a promotional contest, I was actually lucky enough to place second place and win the Carbon Fiber Aero Kit from CMST USA. A new company based out of Colorado. It seems though they were recently bought out, and have closed their company. Despite this, I will write a short review anyway.

Off the bat, CMST shipped me the aero kit, which included a front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, and GT350R style wing. They were packaged well, but one of the side skirts did come cracked. After emailing them, I received a response in the same day, and was sent a new side skirt immediately.

After installation, they look great on the vehicle. There were some issues with fitment though. The side skirts did not line up with most of the tabs, so my auto tech had to fabricate the rocker panel to fit them. Further, the underside of the skirts does not sit flush with the vehicle, but it isn't detrimental, and in my opinion the look outweighs this problem. The front splitter and rear diffuser installed relatively easy, although the rear diffuser required cutting of the stock bumper.

I chose not to install the spoiler, as I am looking to go with the Trufiber Ducktail w/ functional gurney flap.


Partnering with StarryNightHalos, I received their LED RGB+Sequential Switchback tribar boards, with bluetooth controller.

Installation of these boards requires you to take the headlights apart, and I went to Russel at Go2Customs in Brooklyn, NY for this job. Russel painted the housings flat black, installed the Tribars, Demon Eyes, and frosted the tribar covers (which makes them a bit brighter) as well as clear projector lenses, then put the headlights back together. His seal was perfect and has held up with no issues whatsoever.

The lights are incredible, turns heads left and right, and I get tons of compliments on them. The app which controls them is easy to use, and offers nearly 200 patterns, as well as solid colors.

However, I did have an issue with the wiring harness and did not have the tribars for several months while I waited for StarryNightHalos to get back to me. While I do believe the company is run by one person, I wasn't happy with the response time. Eventually they did ship an entire new set, LED boards included, incase I ran into further issues. Quick switch of the harness and they now work. I also love the sequential switchback feature. I will be making a video on them soon.

Use discount code "Lethal15" for 15% off with StarryNightHalos


So far I went the cheap route, and elected for the Hearthrob H-Pipe and muffler deletes. The H-Pipe cost $150, and installation plus welding of the straight pipes out the back was $217. I love how it sounds, but it does have a bit of drone and is very loud (although I'm not the one complaining).

I plan to go with the AWE Switchpath exhaust, which is handcrafted in Horsham. It features active valves giving you two exhaust modes, a built in H-Pipe, and 3" diameter with 4" tips.


I use exclusively Adam's Polishes car care products. I am a huge fan of Adam's, and the quality of what they offer. My typical regimen consists of beginning with the wheels, using their Eco Wheel cleaner, and occasionally Tire & Rubber cleaner for the tires if they are particularly dirty.

Then I rinse down the car, and use their Car Shampoo and their bucket with grit guard. I love their 10" wash pad. Once soaped up, another rinse and then I use their H2O Guard and Gloss while drying with their Ultra Plush drying towel. The Guard and Gloss is a water activated sealant that leaves an incredible shine and great beading. I also love their drying towels. I can get 2-3 uses out of the towels before I wash them. Finish off the tires with their tire shine, which smells like bananas.


I also have the BlackVue DR900S-2CH dashcam system in my car. It is a front and rear dashcam kit, which records in 4K. Their cameras come with a 32GB SD card. I also use their Magic Battery Pack, which charges to full in roughly an hour of driving and offers up to 12 hours of recording when the vehicle is off and parked. It has motion detection, and will record several seconds before an impact or motion is detected. All of this wraps up into an easy app, where you can use the built in wifi signal to download your recordings directly to your phone, as well as change any settings via the app.

Their systems also have a cloud system, where if you have a mobile hotspot in your car, you can connect to your camera live, from anywhere in the world via their app.

Use discount code "Lethal10" for 10% off

That's it so far with what's done besides tints, but tints aren't a mod ;)

I will update this thread as I continue with the car. Excited for FBO and Lund tune, and for what else is to come.


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