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Jan 14, 2018
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2017 GT350, 2019 GT, 2020 GT500
Hello my friends. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Ray. I have been a member of this site for a while now. I have enjoyed being a average joe here and seeing what everyone is talking about. But now I have decided to take it a step further and become a sponsor here.

First let me say that DRP Motorsports is a new business name for me. I have been in the tuning and performance parts industry for Cummins diesels for some time now under another name, but recent changes with government has made me realize I don't need to put all my eggs in one basket. However, just because I chose a career in the diesel performance industry, does not mean that Mustangs are new to me.

I owned my first Mustang back in 1993 with the purchase of 1993 GT. Enjoyed that car and modified with the basic bolt ons just like everyone else did in those days. I was a regular at the dragstrip every time the gates were open.

Next came a 1986 Mustang that I bought for 300 dollars minus an engine and transmission. I took that hull of car and made a pretty sweet drag car out of it. I built a 408 stroker windsor engine paired with a C4 transmission and ended running 9s in the quarter with it.

Then came marriage, in which I married my soul mate of 16 years now!

I had to leave the fast cars alone for a while and establish myself in life as a married man. I worked for other businesses before finally striking off on my own in a tuning and performance parts business. I ended up being very blessed and was able to make a good living and building my own dyno shop.

Today I currently run my dyno shop and own a couple of S550 stangs. I have a 2019 GT that is a street/strip car and also my pride and joy...a 2020 GT500!

Now let me say that I am not one of the big names out there. Really don't want to be. I run a mom and pop kinda outfit and try to keep things in which I manage eveything personally. I like to be able to keep things at personal level with my customers. To me it's better to have 10 happy customers at the end of the week vs hundreds that feel disconnected and dissatisfied.

Although we are small at DRP Motorsports, please consider us for your performance needs. If you don't see what you looking when you visit our website, please contact us and ask. Chances are we can get it for you as we have access to way more parts that we currently list. Building a webstore takes a lot of time and I cannot sit behind a computer all day long doing that. Let me also add that we are conservative in our personal and business matters and most importantly we are Christain based.

Let me finish by saying it's an honor to be here and we hope can make difference for someone!

God bless,

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