Icon Composites is a Joke!!! Don't buy from them!!!!


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Aug 8, 2017
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Hello everyone.

I'm usually a positive person and give credit where it's due. But I feel a responsibility to inform the community of the complete BS company that is (or was possibly) Icon Composites!

Just over 4 weeks ago I decided to swing by their office only to find the office was empty and they have since moved locations yet their company logo was still on the door. A day or two later I went online to make a purchase through American Muscle:muscle:. I was somewhat relieved to know I could still get the spoiler I wanted through a reputable company like American Muscle. Before my purchase however I was able to make contact with Icon Composites via FaceBook messenger. I had expressed my concerns about the status of their office and website. Since their website would only allow access via an "unsecured web browser"!!!

The message I received from them was:
"Good morning Chris. Thank you for reaching out to us and trying to swing by. At this time the company has gone back to its root and working to produce parts sold through specific dealers. We've changed locations as well. We did receive your order from Turn 5 aka American Muscle this morning as well.​
Estimated shipping on this is about 3 weeks or so. Thank you again for the business and looking forward to the pictures of it installed on your ride​
I responded with:
Considering the 3 weeks, does that mean you're making a new one or can I come in and simply pick one up? I'm choosing your company because of the good reputation and quality parts you've made, but I've also have heard of misaligned carbon weave and air bubbles in the finish. I do hope we can avoid that?​
Their response...:
"Hello Chris. These are made to order. We hand build each one of these as the orders come in. The quality which made us famous is why these take so long. You will receive quality."​

4 weeks later (meaning this morning) I woke up to find Icon Composites replied to me via Instagram stating "Good morning Chris. I will check in with production and follow up." Within the same hour, American Muscle was on the phone with me to inform me the product was discontinued!!!:angry:

I can not begin to express how :curse: pissed I am. I've been looking at getting this spoiler ever since I purchased my car over 2 years ago and was hoping to have this installed before the 4th of July... The complete lack of customer service provided by Icon Composites is insulting and extremely disappointing... I feel like I've been lied to this whole time...

On a side note, if any of you managed to reach the end of this message...:crazy: Suggestions on finding a exposed carbon fiber gt350r spoiler (not the style versions... they are smaller), would be appreciated...:crying:


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