Found it! (Got a 2nd vehicle)


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Nov 20, 2020
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Tampa Bay, FL
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2016 Mustang GT PP
I've been keeping an eye out for a decent older truck as a 2nd vehicle and finally pulled the trigger yesterday. I wasn't picky, my only requirements were that is ran well, didn't leak anything, had a radio and working AC. I think I got all of that and a little more, picked up a 2007 v6 F150. It's a bare bones model, it actually has crank windows. But it's in great shape for a 14 year old car. Everything works and it only has 112k miles on it. Although it was under sad circumstances, a women my father worked with for years, husband passed away a couple months back. Since retiring they had traveled together many times. When I was still married the 6 of us would get together 1 or 2 times a year for dinner, drinks and cards, rotating houses. The truck was a 3rd vehicle for them and the wife wanted to sell it. My Dad told her I was looking and we went out yesterday with my neighbor who's a used car tech for a Kia dealership. He inspected it, scanned it and we test drove and gave his seal of approval. I was able to scoop it up for only $2,000.


Here is a pic after I cleaned it up. I sent this to the women I purchased it from and she replied back "It fits, it's clean, it's home! Holy cow! So glad the truck is where it belongs now. Jim is smiling" (Jim is her decreased husband)

and I can fit both cars in the garage!

Getting out to ride the trails is going to be so much easier now!