Found a solution to neatly customize the o-ring caps for those that have Forgestar Wheels


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Jan 17, 2017
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I have Shelby Venom Wheels which actually are Forgestar made wheels and the Shelby caps are a hybrid metal version of the Forgestar O-ring cap.

I bought spare sets of the black and chrome versions of the plastic Forgestar caps. Other Forums have had people just stick resin domed stickers over Forgestar
logo, but that can leave some outline showing under the decal and you can see the decal spilling over the raised edges exposing the decal adhesive layer.

A solution is to just pop off the original F logo cap from under in the center with a drill first and work an awl between exposed adhesive and decal section from the plastic flat surface that is now exposed from the drilled hole to the edges but stop before the edge, this way you avoid scratching up any portion of the raised edges. and just clean off the left over adhesive residue and sand off any raised plastic debris and scratches left by the awl to make flat surface smooth again. Then order decals of your own liking at 58mm, this gets the decal directly on the flat area fits inside the raised edges leaving little to no gap between the edges and decal. I have had success getting 58mm from different sellers and makes to fit clearing the raised edges and leaving little to no gap in between.

I sported resin pony custom decals for a while , but since it was a print under the domed resin, it lacked any metal shine effect and was hard to see especially in sunlight.

Recently, I was able to find other places that sell aluminum custom decals, so I sent custom graphics to a seller to simulate the original Shelby cap that is on the right, I also got a metal Pony version which I am now sporting and checking how long it lasts in the elements.

Just a decent solution if you decide on changing out your Forgestar logos to something else.