New York for sale/ trade. Kooks/ fordperformance 2017 Race Red GT premium with gt350 mods and 22,721 miles

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    Hello! This is a 2017 Mustang GT Premium. It has 1 owner, zero accidents, and I have the carfax in hand. There’s about 5k worth of parts on this car for performance and exhaust. It was a weekend cruiser. It has 22,721 miles. I’m asking $27,000 OBO. I’m open to trade for a 2017+ Gt premium but in auto! Asking $26,500

    Here’s a list of mods done on the car:


    -Eibach sportline lowering springs

    -maximum motorsports front camber plates


    -GT350 shift knob

    -Barton short throw shifter

    -GT350 start button


    -Moroso coolant tank (cause the stock one looks plain ugly)

    -PMAS cold air intake

    -GT350 voodoo intake manifold

    -Custom Lund tune


    -Kooks 2” long tube headers (with catalytic converters)

    -roush catback exhaust (xpipes, muffler and tips).

    Exterior/Engine bay:

    -black valve covers

    -MMD front grille

    It’s sitting on Michelin Pilot sport 4s tires with 7/32” tread on them. I have real performance pack wheels on it. 250/40/19 front and 275/40/19 back.

    This car has no rust whatsoever. I have more pics and vids of the exhaust. Message me so I can send it to you because mustang6g doesn’t allow me to attach videos. Still has corrosion warranty from ford for the next 4 years though.

    My vin is 1FA6P8CFXH5246319. The carfax is -

    Located in Staten Island, New York. I’m open to trade any 2017+ gt premiums but automatics. Text me whenever or call me in the evenings at (718) 536-8042. Thanks!
    CAC76CDD-E2CA-4A75-BD00-45B73E013A07.png A08CA676-1512-4662-BABB-FCEBF666B1B9.jpeg 78C95314-D107-4867-B307-1FFBA2652A64.jpeg BD724527-E183-48FA-9816-B40A0BC79B2C.jpeg 72A5859F-2926-4671-9013-03EF9C97D6DD.jpeg 1E57065E-4A3B-4AF3-A355-98030E15ACC8.jpeg 5D82FA66-1712-4FB7-85AD-94246D9E1700.jpeg EFC523B2-2CF5-4FAE-B1F2-F1EB79B380CE.jpeg 8B3B3033-3142-4723-8CB0-6B9C4505D1D1.jpeg 45EEA537-AAC0-41BF-97AE-2A1EA852CB4A.jpeg CDAFD384-3738-4592-A14A-C4B2080A99A5.jpeg BD301CE4-CD7E-4046-B802-8B232AE9EBE0.jpeg 01BB08A7-9E3E-4597-A05E-7F85569DA770.jpeg 94982204-901B-4A75-AD30-FA12595052BB.jpeg D14958DA-8B6D-4F9B-B150-1F63572BEE2A.jpeg 22873E03-BB7A-4EF1-979B-4EC0FDAD14D8.jpeg 1B3D785A-A5F5-4178-93F5-2DC68AED4747.jpeg E680E49C-10B7-4B24-BF42-59B196AB6007.jpeg 72250B64-0179-4D10-8D32-6A3DB8AEDC9B.jpeg A39CFE04-6540-440D-8DEE-CD6E1356655F.jpeg 4C25ECD5-755B-4866-A188-D9E80FA3D833.jpeg 2BDB3DAB-C9EF-46AC-A578-2CFD0E5DF927.jpeg 2F35320B-5702-4E51-9092-B4E37BE860E1.jpeg B6E46783-78F4-445C-9CE2-B8023BEF5D3B.jpeg 8236CB36-C95B-45DA-86BA-7F99C3B0ED0E.jpeg D4E7449F-2519-4356-880C-897EF8960722.jpeg

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