GT Ohio 2016 GT PP Base Plus Extras, 21K Miles- $24,000

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    This is a 2016 base GT Performance Pack car with a couple of adders to make one really great car. The car has 21,148 miles on it. and is under factory bumper to bumper warranty until 3/2019 or 36,000. The powertrain warranty is 5 years or 60,000 from inservice date. This is a very well sorted car and a real blast to drive. I've tuned it to be very neutral and handle very well in corners. Of course the car already has loads of power, so my goal was to make it handle like it looks, and that goal was accomplished. Excellent condition both inside and outside, and turns heads everywhere it goes. Currently this car is featured on the Hawk Performance Street Products section of their website. It's also been featured several times on the Hawk Performance Instagram page. I'm sure that I'm forgetting some information, but feel free to drop a comment below, or PM me for more details. All factory parts come with the car.

    If you are interested in some but not all of the parts, let me know and maybe we can work out a deal. At this stage I'll keep the car as is for a few weeks, and if it doesn't sell I'll return it to stock and sell it that way.

    Asking Price: $24,000 for everything plus factory parts. There is a lien on the car.

    Feel free to call or text me as well at 440-813-6905. Carfax available upon request!

    Factory Options:
    Painted Black Roof
    Performance Pack
    All Weather Floor Mats
    Wheel Lock Kit

    Aftermarket Parts:
    Steeda Ultra Light Jacking Rails
    Thermal R&D Cat Back Exhaust ~4K miles
    Koni Yellow Adjustable dampers and Eibach Springs ~3K miles
    Steeda Rear Subframe Braces ~3K miles
    Anarchy Motive Shift Knob ~2K miles
    Steeda Rear Subframe centering sleeves ~3K miles
    Whiteline Front Sway bar ~2K miles
    SVE 19x9.5 Wheels with 275/40/19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (Set of 4, mounted with TPMS) ~500 Miles
    Factory Performance Pack Wheels with 275/40/19 Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Tires plus TPMS ~150 miles
    255/40/19 Hankook Winter Icpet Snow Tires, Not mounted on wheels ~3K miles
    20% Window Tint
    Clear Bra on Hood, Front Bumper, Mirrors, Rear bumper, Door Handles
    Hawk DTC 30 FRONT and REAR brake pads
    OEM brake rotors FRONT and REAR that are bedded with the Hawk DTC 30 pads
    Ford Custom Front Pony Emblem, number 0011 of 1000 pieces offered for sale
    Black 5.0 emblems
    Royal Purple Rear Diff Fluid
    Royal Purple Trans Fluid
    ALWAYS Synthetic Engine Oil zAEr7VFuTYO8IkIPyePtxA.jpg bUBFvggJSmWZlRNZHD6MeA.jpg 6EVl1kfuRoW0FFVBkWI+MA.jpg ncCD4XWYQ5GZRWmeKtHbzA.jpg 7VEVRhNRTruWv+Ps22OTZQ.jpg WYJwkPsGSRmEQTRV6Tp3qw.jpg U5MAJxeBRzuFHLzea25h2g.jpg lIWQEwCjRuWbSBOqeP7RPA.jpg 6YpblsTGSHqcXV7eAv%Rig.jpg 2Hk4h0uqQeKNuGG8m%A2gA.jpg +Hlpf6Y8Stq%vOxiIccG5Q.jpg a3fyzRJjR22Sd5j%CYlPwQ.jpg 8Y4JDYYGQsiU64mdiMBoQA.jpg UVtqmnAzRBmDZIDsH7ww5Q.jpg 53bJvM5jRPmLLYG1lPEmXA.jpg DKFZSd60QZmFvbaoZAaTCw.jpg ap6DF7EbSf+YbgnfzMfZdw.jpg XRSqCapGQb2h4eHy7gkFJA.jpg Be4KfOrpQ0G6r0xhv%kfQw.jpg YOnJAF5VSIGr0zSSu+2fiQ.jpg KGIaSqQxQ7yvMHzJkC4TLQ.jpg QXioE1TLRhWv3ygZARYRxw.jpg %qDL5uKrSDyJzMnfVtKoYg.jpg h9FWGRjTSVqyTJoHXf02mQ.jpg

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