19 Days of Christmas BONUS day Explained!

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    As many of you may know, every year we put together a Christmas sale coined the 12 (now 19!) days of Christmas where each day has an individual sale. One day, December 21st, ALL the sales WILL BE TURNED ON! That is right, 20 sales all thrown into ONE day. Chaos? Maybe. Best time of the year to buy? Definitely.

    Will this include the huge Whipple 15% off sale? Of course! 'tis the season to be Whippled!
    What's going on with the PBD sale? NA tunes will be $75 off, FI tunes will be $100 off, and ngauge/tune combos will be $150 off! One of the best tuners in the industry at a discounted rate!
    Mcleod Racing? Like any clutch or accessory? YES. Any of clutch kits and their accessories like clutch lines and TOB will be 20% off.
    Will I be entered in the raffle for my supercharger purchase to be refunded if I purchase it on the 21st? If you purchase a Whipple, Paxton or Vortech on December 21st you WILL be entered in the drawing. The drawing is scheduled to be done on 1/1/19!

    Since it is Christmas season, we are in the giving mood, so all gift-card orders in $10 increments will be entered into the drawing for a $1000 Lethal Performance gift-card! More information on this can be found here: Gift Card Raffle . The raffle entries are open until 12/27.

    Give us a call at 877-2-LETHAL, email us at [email protected], or drop any of the #teamlethal crew a message if you have any questions.
    Happy Holidays from all of us at Lethal Performance.

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