1. Transport mountain bike

    Any suggestions other than getting a hitch for transporting my mountain bike? I've seen the seasucker mounts but they kind of make me sketch
  2. Virginia Low Profile Trailer Hitch

    If your Mustang is your only car, you might consider adding some functionality with a trailer hitch. Ford states that you can tow 1,000 lbs with either an EcoBoost or the V8 (this hitch is rated for 2,000 lbs if you're bold). That means you can tow a motorcycle/ATV, jet ski/kayaks, hitch-mounted...
  3. Can Ford Ranger tow trailer & GT350 ? Other options

    Would like to know whether the new Ford Ranger can tow a trailer with the GT350 and some track wheels/ tires ? Couldn't find anything on this forum but if already covered, pls direct me to the thread. Would also like to hear other options, both SUV's and trucks. Thinking to trailer my car so I...