throwout bearing

  1. Clutch Vibration at Biting Point after Hard Acceleration

    Hi, I have a 2016 Mustang GT PP (manual) with only 21k on it. Factory powertrain warranty expires in a few days. I've been having this problem where, whenever I do a hard acceleration, especially whenever I slip the clutch on a hard pull, I suddenly start feeling a quite noticeable vibration...
  2. Stock throw out bearing is too long????

    So I bought an Ace twin disk clutch (part number RSK-300M) for my 2015 Mustang GT, and the OEM throw out bearing is too long for the kit to fit. I called ACE and was told I needed to get throw out bearing part number DR3Z-7A508-A which is used on GT500's from 2010-2014. Apparently it is...
  3. North Carolina Mecleod clutch accessories

    Adjustable hydraulic throw out bearing/slave. New in box. $200
  4. ***GROUP BUY*** Vengeance Clutch Twin Disc

    Vengeance Clutch is rolling out one awesome deal to start July off! 20% off Group Buy with 10 buyers! Takes the price from $850.00 to $680.00! This will be on our DM1-07-04 Organic Clutch Kit that holds 750wtq and is for the 11-18 MT82 Coyote's. Once we have 10 purchasers in all for this...