1. Canada - Ontario Ridetech Coilovers Front pair only Low K etc. shape

    Very low K Ridetech coilovers. I was keeping them for my Bullitt, it started knocking so I traded it in. A friend needed the rears so I sold him the rear pair. I planned to purchase a new rear pair and use the set for the new Mach1 but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. So for sale...
  2. cyclonetron

    Tennessee J&M Rear Shock Mounts s550 Mustang

    I have a pair of J&M rear shock mounts for the s550 Mustang. I had to drill out the holes to mount them. The fit is a little tight but you just have to line up the holes and you'll be good. Price is $100 shipped.
  3. bruhh

    Mustang still sits very high after being on lift 3 days ago

    I put my Stang on jack stands on all 4 points to have my brakes painted and my wheels changed. I didn’t have much time to get this done so the car was sitting like this for about a week. Once I got the wheels on and the car lowered, it is sitting very high, probably at oem ride height but I have...
  4. JakeLethal

    BMR Goodies back in stock here at Lethal Performance!

    All sorts of BMR Suspension back in stock here at Lethal Performance!! Any questions you guys might have on our packages, feel free to reach out and we'll be more than happy to help! #TeamLethal
  5. JakeLethal

    BMR Suspension goodies back in stock #LethalPerformance

    All sorts of BMR Suspension back in stock here at Lethal Performance!! Any questions you guys might have on our packages, feel free to reach out and we'll be more than happy to help! #TeamLethal ☠
  6. ARDrummond25

    Lethal Performance Bread & Butter II Package Feedback

    I'm curious if anyone with a 2015-18 GT350 has installed the @LethalPerformance / @BMR Suspension suspension package called Bread & Butter II and, if so, how they've observed it helping (or not) on the track. The collective wisdom of this forum and TMO have talked me out of doing more flashy...
  7. S550Felipe

    Mustang GT Suspension Problem

    A lot of you may know I had problems with my used 2017 mustang . It had specialty wheel locks that had to be broken off. I came across a new problem when trying to install new coilovers. The car always made a weird noise from one side of the car and I now know why. The frame which connect the...
  8. Pi3rcito

    Riaction Coilovers: Review/Thoughts

    Normally I just read and don’t post much but since I didn’t find any useful information regarding this product here goes nothing! I’ve owned Mustangs in the past (S197 most recently) and I’m well aware of the bigger more well know suspension companies that offer products for Mustangs. When I...
  9. Alabama WTB suspension (springs and struts)

    I am looking to buy a spring and strut/shock set up for a 2015 mustang GT. been looking at ford performance street package interested in other set ups though, if you have something comment and let me know. In Memphis TN for reference.
  10. vxer1000

    Like A Different Car

    Installed a Thermal R&D exhaust, Blowfish shifter bracket, and a Steeda Enthusiast Stop the hop kit on my 2015 Mustang GT. It has the Performance Pack on it but still felt skittish when getting on the gas in turns. The level of control in the rear of the car jumped about 3 notches. No more back...
  11. crimson_crowd_eater

    Rear Camber/Toe adjustment on stock suspension

    Is there any way to adjust camber and toe in the rear on the S550 with completely stock parts? I called Firestone because I noticed my rear passenger wheel has a lot more camber than the driver wheel or either of the front wheels. In contrast, my driver's rear wheel has inward toe, while the...
  12. TuxedoPC

    California 2018-2020 Mustang GT Stock Suspension Low Milage

    1200 mile pull from my 2019 Mustang GT. These have just been sitting around after I installed my aftermarket suspension. Ended up trading in the car. Looking for 200obo, Willing to ship on buyer's expense. Again this suspension is like brand new, it was never driven in the rain, or snow, just...
  13. GT Parts 15-17 GT steeda, BMR, Boomba

    These parts for sale They fit 15 - 17 Mustang Boomba transmission mount $100 sold Steeda short throw Shifter (new) $110 shipped BMR vertical links (new) $75 sold Steeda shock mounts with both bearings - can use any shock and strut $160 shipped SVE progressive rate lowering springs (new) $175...
  14. Suspension upgrades - anything else?

    2016 GTPP I’ve lurked on the similar suspension threads on here as long as I could. Here’s the list of things taking up space in my living room... FRM-18000-f Track Strut & Shock Kit BMR SP083 Handling Springs BMR SM760 Rear Upper Shock Mount BMR CP001 Camber Plates BMR TCA048 Vertical Links...
  15. LethalPerformance

    BMR Suspension Bread and Butter II - Video with Tons of Tech!

    The last time we saw Kelly over at BMR Suspension was about 2 years ago when we brought him Project Goldmember, our 2018 Mustang GT, to get all the goodies he recommended. These goodies led us to building one of our most popular packages EVER: the S550 Bread & Butter Suspension Package...
  16. fgutierrezm

    Whining/Howling Noise in Driver Wheel

    Hi All, I've recently been hearing a howling/deep whining noise coming from my front driver wheel, see video attached. Does anybody know what could be causing this? Thanks, Fabian
  17. Illinois *SOLD*1" Billet Aluminum Spacers Hubcentric $40 OBO Shipped

    Used for around 4000 miles in the summer. Looking to get $50 OBO and will ship to you. Take paypal and quickpay
  18. Illinois *SOLD*Steeda Extreme G-Trac Brace 555-5532 $150 Shipped OBO

    Brand New, box was opened to take pictures. Traded car in before i could put on. Will ship UPS and can take paypal or quickpay. Includes all hardware. Steeda Extreme G-Trac Brace Parts Number: 555-5532. looking for $150 shipped OBO. MSRP is 200 and is onsale right now for 165.
  19. Illinois *SOLD*Illinois Steeda IRS Subframe Bracing 555-5754 $230 OBO

    Bought some suspension parts and traded the car in before i put the parts on. Steeda IRS Subframe Bracing 555-5754. This Is brand new, the box was opened to take pictures. Looking for $230 OBO and will Ship UPS if willing to split shipping. Steeda currently has these on sale for $250 and are...
  20. Magneride Retrofit

    Hello all! This is my first post, as I've only had my car a couple weeks. I've seen this type of thread a handful of times, though never with any definitive answer. I would like to add magneride to my 2019, and need some more information. I'll detail below what I know so far, and would love for...