1. Positive knock

    Got a 2015 Mustang with a roush 2.3 blower on in. Tuned by Lund. I’m having a problem with positive knock up to 8 degrees when normal driving and turning the steering wheel in the slightest. The knock hangs and slowly drops down to 0, or I can let off the throttle and it instantly drops. Not...
  2. Need Help NGauge ALCH Reading

    What Sensor on your car does the NGAUGE use for Reporting the ALCH Percentage ? I think I need to Replace a Sensor or something because My NGAUGE is Reading 40+ Alch % on 93 Octane And its causing my Air Fuel Ratio to go down and my Gas Mileage Because its like my Car thinks im running E85 so MY...
  3. Help with Ethanol Sensor

    Hey all! 2019 GT looking to run an ethanol content sensor stock fuel system, anyway know the best place to tap in this and what to use, found what people did for a gen 2 but the gen 3 motor is a little different, should i also use the nylon fuel line and the doorman ends or get better hardware...
  4. 2018 ecoboost convert. unknown sensor

    Hello, guys. Who knows what sensor is it on 2018 ecoboost convert? Was locate here, on the right and on the left:
  5. Retro-fitting Front Parking Sensors

    Does anyone know if it's possible to retro-fit front parking sensors and have them integrated with the system (ie behave like factory-fitted units)? Ian
  6. Running a downpipe without a tune? Problem?

    What are the possible consequences of running a downpipe without a tune? (other than the secondary o2 deficiency code and the pvc smoking issue) Could a downpipe cause unnecessary wear on the turbo, sensors, or engine? Would boost creeping/over boost or maybe even running lean be a possible issue?
  7. 2015 Mustang Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Tutorial Video

    [ame] These are valve stem style tire pressure monitor sensor, also known as TPMS for all 2015 Mustangs. If you have aftermarket wheels on your 2015 you will need these new sensors for your TPMS to work properly, if you get your wheels and tires here at CJs we do include the proper TPMS sensors...