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  1. Hwangmihee

    Mustang GT Advan GT Voltex Wing Photo Dump

    All taken in 2020 between 5 photographers: @marcuus915 @_haibo_ @_gabeperalta_ @zacshee
  2. Help me in choosing my next mustang, gt or ecoboost?

    Hello and to begin with, I have to admit that I am new to these pony or muscles cars that came from the US I'm more of a JDM type of guy but this month I'm planning to have my first mustang since it is available here in the Philippines but I'm torn between choosing a 2nd hand mustang s550 v8 6at...
  3. _hero5oh

    Cobra Jet vs GT350 Manifold

    I’m looking into doing a swap and I’m not sure which route to go. I currently have a 2019 Mustang GT Premium with the Performance Pack 1. I’ve seen good reviews on both but I’ve noticed the cobra jet is being used more for boosted applications. I don’t want to buy the cobra jet if it’s main...
  4. 2017_GT350

    New Jersey FS: JLT 3.0 Oil Separator/Catch Can (Clear Anodized)

    I am selling a JLT 3.0 oil separator for the driver’s side. It is in very good condition. Fitment: 2015-2020 GT350 / 2011-2017 GT/Boss Asking Price: $100 (shipped)
  5. Best Tuner in Tri-State Area/Supercharger Opinion

    I am very new to the mustang world and I have no idea where to begin. I’m coming from the JDM world where I played with 4 bangers and turbos. I recently purchased a 2019 GT convertible PP1 and I am trying to make the right choices/purchases to prepare myself for a supercharger. Does anyone know...
  6. 2017_GT350

    New Jersey FS: **Brand New** VMP 137 Monoblade Throttle Body

    I am selling a brand new, never installed VMP 137 monoblade throttle body. My build plans changed significantly as I waited for the MMR billet intake manifold for over 2 months. I am now selling several parts that I accumulated in the late summer/early fall. Part #: VMP-M137-F Fitment: 2015 -...
  7. 2017_GT350

    New Jersey FS: **Brand New** MMR Billet Intake Manifold

    I am selling a brand new, never installed MMR billet intake manifold. I waited over 2 months to get the part and by the time it was received (Friday, 11/20/20), my build plans changed significantly. Features: *Clears All Factory 2011-2017 Mustang hoods & ALL 2011-2020 F150 Hoods and 2020+ GT500...
  8. 21MY Ecoboost HPP vs GT Performance Pack + Magneride

    Hey all, New here, figured I'd get some more input before I go in next week to order my Mustang. I've always cared more about handling than straight line power but given the changes to the 21MY Mustangs, the Base GT is currently making a very good argument (especially true when I compare the...
  9. Lifeshiftinggear

    Video of us installing out FP track handeling pack

    This summer with all the free time we decided to do some work on the mustang.
  10. K&N air filter and cabin air filter replacement after smoky air from Northern California

    Hello all, Here is an interesting debate I see online about replacing the engine air filter and cabin air filter. I live in Northern California, and recently, the wildfire smoke has been really bad here. My own HVAC filter is black from filtering out the outside smoke. Now for the car engine...
  11. Ethanwalz11

    Save up for GT or keep Eco?

    Hello all, I’m 16 and a mustang lover like all of you guys and I’ve got a 2018 eco. Premium with the black accent package. I drive it every day and it’s paid off so no issues there and it’s got 15k ish miles so far. I go to school and work pretty much all night after school most days and I’ve...
  12. Mikthehun1

    What is the best forum topic?

    We really are a contentious lot here, which is not a bad thing. There would be no discussion if all we did was agree on every topic. Healthy debate can lead to new understanding.
  13. Blue_Stang

    Florida 2017 GT 18" Magnetic-Painted Machined Aluminum Wheels w/tires 700 OBO - Local Only

    Minimal signs of wear. Only 4,600 miles on the tires. Local pic up in Central Florida. Link to video here.
  14. 2016 mustang GT transmission stuck at redline

    Hello all, I have a 2016 Mustang GT (California special) with the automatic transmission. Last night, when I was at a stoplight, I put it in S from the shifter and gave it about 20% throttle, then midway at about 4k RPM, I went WOT (still in 1st gear). The RPM went all the way up to past 7K...
  15. Illinois Gen 5 whipple issue on auto 15-71

    Delete thread please
  16. Mikthehun1

    Freshly washed - redux

    Did a wash and wax this morning, then went for a drive around the north shore.
  17. Toggle Switches and Radio Control Knobs

    Hello reader! I know this may be a far-fetched idea/ask, but is anyone willing and able to complete a project for me, and other likeminded individuals? Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources or knowledge to undertake it myself. Please see below. I have a 2017 Mustang GT Premium, and one...
  18. Matt88

    05-20 Mustang Custom strut tower covers and GT350R R emblems for sale!

    We mostly sell custom strut tower covers for the 2005-2020 Mustangs but have recently developed the R emblems for the gt350R at the request of a customer. My R emblems are dirt cheap compared to the other vendors I have seen so far but they don’t lack in quality. I won’t ship it if it doesn’t...
  19. 2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack

    2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack

    Best run: 12.3 @ 116mph at Great Lakes Dragaway. 2800 DA.
  20. TuxedoPC

    California 2018-2020 Mustang GT Stock Suspension Low Milage

    1200 mile pull from my 2019 Mustang GT. These have just been sitting around after I installed my aftermarket suspension. Ended up trading in the car. Looking for 200obo, Willing to ship on buyer's expense. Again this suspension is like brand new, it was never driven in the rain, or snow, just...