mustang 5.0

  1. DFCoyote

    California A few after markets parts for sale

    I have for sale: MMD Rocker Panel Winglets Should fit all models with stock side skirts. New, never used since I ended up just getting side splitters. Retail Costs 79.99$------------------------$50 firm local pickup or 55$ shipped to 48 states Rally Innovations Front Splitter Rally 1...
  2. VibeMotorsports

    Ford Mustang 5.0 - GT7-S Forged Wheels - R-Spec Sizes - Photoshoot

    Hello Members, We just want to share with everyone this Ford Mustang 5.0 on a set of our GT7-S Forged Wheels. The GT7-S Forged wheels are inspired by the all new 2020 Shelby GT500. This customer ended up going with the R specs which is a 19x11+24mm Front & 19x11.5+56mm Rear. For tires he...
  3. SwankyStang

    2015 5.0 sporadic IDLE, Air/Fuel Ratio Caused by Ghost Cam?

    Hey guys, last week out of the blue my coyote began having idle and drivability issues that has me stumped. After it settles down from the initial startup (warm or cold), the car begins bottoming out with rpm's fluctuating between 550-900. Along with that, the air-fuel ratio jumps in the matter...
  4. TJ's Garage

    TJ's Garage

  5. NEO Auto

    Cat Delete Worth it? (2018 Mustang GT)

    Are there any users that have performed a cat delete on an S550? If so, was it worth having them removed? Are the fumes bad? How much louder is it? I currently have a MBRP muffler delete axle back installed along with a resonator delete x-pipe and I love the sound. I just can't help but...
  6. Alvey

    Tuning and Warranty

    Can anyone get me up to speed on the details behind whether or not tuning can or will void your warranty? Any info would be appreciated.
  7. redhoss

    Ford Coyote 5.0 Motor

    Coyote Motor 5.0 I have a 2011 Ford Coyote 5.0 F150 Motor For Sale I bought it used from LKQ in Lexington, KY It still has the LKQ Ticket attached to the motor Condition A It is the same motor that came in the 2011 and up F150 or Mustang with a couple differences It was a lower...