1. Louisiana 2018 GT350 for sale - Magnetic Gray - 6.9K miles - Conv. Package

    2018 Shelby GT350 for sale - $61,800 Magnetic gray, black stripes with white accents. Convenience Package (Electronics package + leather/alacantra, power adjustable seats with heated/cooled surfaces and memory). Not many Convenience package cars around. Car is currently at ~6,900 miles, might...
  2. Virginia '19 GT Premium Coupe - Auto/PP1 - Just driven 100 miles - $37,500

    Year: 2019 Make: Ford Model: Mustang GT Trim: Premium Color: Magnetic Transmission: Automatic 10 speed Mileage: 117 Modifications: None Additional Info: 78 year old dad purchased car 2 weeks ago and is unable to drive car - parked after 3 days PRICE:SALE IS PENDING Contact: [email protected]
  3. Velocity Blue vs. Magneyic Metallic

    I have my heart set on one of these colors. Problem is I love both colors equally and cannot decide which one to get. What do you guys think about either of these colors? My favorite color is blue but I think the Mustang looks so badass in magnetic. If it helps, I’m getting a Coupe with the...
  4. Cruising weather is back! Encountered a Magnetic Whipple'd non-R

    Finally having some consistently warm weather here is southeast VA, so windows-down evening cruises are back! Only problem is the pollen. Sorry central U.S., please keep warm and safe. I encountered a father-son duo in a very clean Whipple'd Magnetic non-R on my way home. Figured I'd give a...
  5. 2018 Mustang GT Base

    2018 Mustang GT Base

  6. Magnetic DropTop

    Magnetic DropTop

  7. Cloaks Hangar

    Cloaks Hangar

  8. ISO: GT350R Anderson Composite Wing

    Looking to buy here within the next week if anyone has one they'd part ways with. Located in Nashville, TN. If anyone just so happens to have a Magnetic Metallic car with the wing already installed and would accept cash + my factory trunk lid/premium spoiler I would rather do it that...
  9. Shipping used GT350R - do i need the spacers reinstalled?

    2017 w approx 100 miles. Shipping in closed truck via a shipper from AZ to CA. Is it safe to ship w o the spacers that Ford ships the car from the factory? Rally appreciate and excited to see this car. Thx
  10. WTT: Magnetic Trunk Lid With Roush Wing

    Magnetic Trunk Lid. Perfect Condition. Roush Wing already installed. Looking to swap for a different trunk lid with a somewhat bigger wing. Located in Nashville, TN.
  11. Has this ever happened before? (Cotus tracking)

    Hi all. So I ordered my car on May 30th, on June 16th I got the VIN# and on June 23rd my status on Cotus changed from In Order Processing to In Production and ever since then nothing has changed. My ETA by dealer as of now he said is July 31st and Cotus shows 1 day left. 1 day left and my status...
  12. Photo shoot of our 2016 Magnetic Metallic Mustang GT on Forgestar CF5V wheels

    Here are some pictures from our photo shoot this weekend. 2016 Magnetic Metallic Mustang GT. Huge thanks to Mike Kuhn from Mike Kuhn Racing for the photo shoot! Everything we put on this car we are also a dealer for. Moddiction You can follow us on Instagram Moddiction...
  13. My Magnetic Mustang GT - Build

    Meet my 2017 Mustang GT Performance Pack in Magnetic! This is my second Mustang. I previously had a Magnetic 2013 Mustang GT Brembo with full bolt-ons making about 430 WHP. Parted with it after 50k miles in August 2016. Given an offer I couldn't refuse. I immediately placed an order for a S550...
  14. Magnetic or Shadow Black

    What's up guys? This is my first post so please don't crucify me too harshly! I'm graduating college in a couple of weeks and as a gift my parents are ordering me a S550 GT so I'm pretty stoked about that! However, I'm literally undecided on getting either Magnetic or Shadow Black...
  15. Mustang in Tampa Area?

    Was on the Selmon Expressway tonight and came across a black GT and was wondering if the driver was on the site. Just curious as to what was done with the car. They had some led switch backs, an exhaust and what looked like 20" rims.
  16. FS: 2015 Mustang GT/PP, Magnetic, Recaros, 6 spd, only 45 miles! (Charlotte, NC)

    Hello Gents, Our company bought this car in order to take some measurements (we manufacture aftermarket brake upgrades). It has been sitting in our climate-controlled warehouse, and has only been driven two or three times. It is in as-new condition, with only 45 miles on the odometer! As you...
  17. Looking to buy 18" magnetic wheels

    As the title says, I'm in desperate need of an 18" Magnetic rim. A few weeks back, I had a small traffic collision which resulted in a curb and a cracked rim. Now, I really only need one. Looking to pay around $150, with tire and tpms. Pm me with any offers, or details you may have. I'm located...
  18. Clinks Build - Clinkinstein

    So figured it's about time to start a thread now that I have some things coming together and more than just a hood strut and floor mat build. :D Magnetic GT PP, Redline Recaros (ultra rare mis built solid red door panels), Nav, Enhanced Security, back up sensors, Premier 68B. Ordered 5/23...
  19. Which Color Red or Magnetic

    Seems like way more people chose the Magnetic vs the Race Red for the 2015. Prior years it was the other way around.
  20. Project Epona

    So I've been a long time lurker since way back when Chazcron was rendering body panels and i decided it was time for me to provide some details on my project GT PP and and the pros and cons to my mods this is my current list of mods: 20% tinted windows diode dynamics interior LED conversion...