1. Deleted1

  2. 50Mustang

    Virginia S550 Euros

    From S550 Euros. $300+ shipping. Used for a year.
  3. Pennsylvania 2015-2017 Valeo Fog Lights

    Verified working and no broken tabs. $50 or best offer
  4. 2018 Mustang GT - Project Featherweight

    First real video is just showing off the base, non-selectable exhaust. Mods coming soon! Looking to cut as much weight as possible, but still keep it daily-driveable and comfortable. [ame]
  5. 2018 Mustang GT shift lights

    Hello everyone! Im new to the forums and decided this would be a good first question to ask. I know there is a heads up display of a shift light for the new 2018 mustang gt. I found the settings for the lights where you can set your rpm limit and when you reach the limit the heads up shift light...
  6. [FS] US Red tail lights (2 pairs)

    Hello all. I have for sale a pair of US tail lights from the 50th Anniversary model with chrome accents (I had two pairs of lights but have since sold one set). These were very hard to find. 50th Anniversary pair: $1400 - NO plugs (need to reuse your AU plugs from your original lights) - 2...
  7. Taking Down Overhead Console

    Hey! Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find anything on it. My question is are you able to pull the overhead console down in the vert like you can on the coupe? I have the Diode Dynamic map lights from my 2015 coupe, and went to install it in my new Convertible. For the life of me...
  8. CarlosMRRDesignWheels

    Official MRR Design Wheels Thread (Catalog, Photos, Info, New Releases, Q&A)

    It is official guys, M600 Flowforged wheels Have now started to ship out and we can not wait to see Pictures :coolphotos:, so lets see who will be the first to post, ( my post dont count lol. quick intro for those that missed it. New M600 ( Ford Mustang direct application only )...
  9. DIY Dome Light Cutoff Switch

    Hey guys, I've been following this forum for a while, but just signed up. I wanted to show you guys how to install a dome light cutoff switch. I decided to place the switch on the front side of the panel facing the windshield to preserve the factory look of the car. This way you can't see the...
  10. Aurum

    Switching out interior LEDs - blown fuse - replacement not working

    So I'm doing the Diode Dynamic/Raxiom LED upgrade mod. Of course I blew out a fuse and the trunk, vanity mirrors, and glove box lights no longer work. I replaced the 10a micro2 fuse but none of them are lighting up still. It's my first time replacing a fuse -- its securely inserted. Is...
  11. S550 GT Shift Light Question

    The tach and speedo used to light up bright red when getting close to redline. I could swear it used to work during the day but now it only works at night :frusty:. Am I missing something? Does anyone else have this issue or is my memory wrong? Is there a setting somewhere for this? I'm a...
  12. CarlosMRRDesignWheels

    MRR Design Wheels Custom Color options.

    Mustang6 Members just wanted to make a new thread to show some of the new colors you can choose from, Also don't be shy feel free to share a finish you may want to see. All of our wheels are completely fully strip to raw material, cleaned and powder coated fully, by fully we mean no short cuts...
  13. Steve@CJPP

    LED Reverse Light Bulb 2015

    Mustang LED Reverse Light Bulb 2015 | CJ Pony Parts Are you tired of struggling to see while reversing at night in your new 2015 Mustang? Backing up your new pride and joy can be stressful enough in certain situations. But when you throw in one center mounted incandescent reverse light, it can...
  14. Steve@CJPP

    2015 Mustang LED Reverse Lightbulb Install Video

    [ame] This is the LED Reverse Lightbulb fitting all 2015 Mustangs. This LED lightbulb is going to replace the normal lightbulb in your 2015 Mustang's Reverse light. It is going to be much brighter and last a lot longer than the factory bulb. Installation is very easy and should take you less...
  15. CarlosMRRDesignWheels

    Thought on Full Brush Finishes

    Hey everyone just wanting to here what everyone thinks of Full brush Finishes, all feed backs are greatly appreciated. Wheel Brand : MRR Design Wheels Wheel Model : GroundForce GF6 Finish : Full Brush/Clear Size : 19x8.5, 19x9.5 and 19x10.5
  16. drewfis

    Front air bag light....anyone else?

    Front air bag light went on today....taking it to dealer on Monday, hoping for the best. Anyone else have any issues similar? :tsk::tsk::tsk:
  17. racer24crm

    Diode Dynamics glove box LED blown fuse?

    Hey guys, Picked up my Ruby Red GT a few days ago so I'll be making more posts now that I actually have my car :). Anyway, one of my firsts mods was changing all the interior lights to LED lights from Diode Dynamics. Got the dome lights and Vanity lights installed no problem and they look...
  18. Drive with DRL but without Fog Lights?

    Is there an option to drive in the daytime without the fogs and only the Day time running leds? I've tried switching all options in the light switch but I cant seem to turn the fogs off when I have it on the OFF option.