1. Illinois FS- 2015-2021 Mustang coupe black leather

    I’m selling a factory takeoff set of black leather seat upholstery removed from a 2021 Mustang GT Premium. In perfect condition and includes all mounting clips and elastic straps. $500 OBO, local pickup in Chicago area or will ship nationwide (by UPS or Fedex ground service at buyer’s expense).
  2. S550 vs Early S197 Leather Seat Comfort

    I own a 2017 Mustang GT with leather seats. Recently, I sat in my friend's '07 Mustang GT with leather seats and they were super soft and IMO way more comfortable. Can someone explain why? Is there anything I can do make my leather seats softer or is it just the way they were made?
  3. Leather seat swaps

    Do 2016 premium gt seats fit a base 2019 gt.
  4. Maryland WTB: OEM Recaro Leather Take-Offs

    Whatever you have, shoot it over. Want to replace my current cloth Recaros and considering going with Katzkin, but want to see what's available first.
  5. How does the interior quality of the 400A compare to the 401A?

    Ignoring the gauges, is the leather that much nicer? Is the center thing with the shifter still hard plastic or is that leather also?
  6. How well does the showstopper red interior hold up?

    I’m interested by it but am worried that because I wear jeans everyday it’ll stain. My last car had tan seats and those stained within a month. Does anybody that has had the red seats long terms have pictures or thoughts?
  7. Arizona Looking for leather seats

    Would anyone be interested in trading there leather seats or cloth Recaro for base cloth + cash local az only ? 2018-2020 years only
  8. Virginia '19 GT Premium Coupe - Auto/PP1 - Just driven 100 miles - $37,500

    Year: 2019 Make: Ford Model: Mustang GT Trim: Premium Color: Magnetic Transmission: Automatic 10 speed Mileage: 117 Modifications: None Additional Info: 78 year old dad purchased car 2 weeks ago and is unable to drive car - parked after 3 days PRICE:SALE IS PENDING Contact: [email protected]
  9. Vertical wrinkles on GT steering wheel

    hello all, I had my 2019 GT for about 3 weeks now. I have approximately 400 miles. Recently i have observed and felt wrinkles on 12-3 position. I have attached the photos. Is this normal? I dont recall feeling any wrinkles when i test drove the car. On the bottom and 9-12, steering wheel is...
  10. WTT: Factory Heated/Cooled Leathers For Leather Recaro

    Located in Nashville, TN. Willing to travel a little ways to swap. Mainly interested in the Redline Recaros ( Stiched Red ) and will be adding cash on top. Mine are free of rips/tears, cracks, fading, etc. Car does have 30K miles on it, but seats don't look it. I do know it is not a...
  11. SOLD: Leather Rear Seats

    Removed rear seats, looking to sell before I PCS. See pictures below, the seats have only about 2000 miles in the car. Seats are the "Yellow Jacket" option with yellow stitching but can be dyed to match your taste. Price: SOLD
  12. GT leather seats in V6?

    I was just wondering if it was possible to install GT leather seats into my V6? The seats have power and are heated and cooled, any way that would be compatible with the V6? Thanks
  13. 2016 Ecoboost Mustang Premium

    It's come time for me to sell my Mustang to help finance a new house. I've owned the car since new and loved it the entire time. The car is perfect inside and out aside from one small scratch on the passenger side rear quarter panel (shown in picture). The color is deep impact blue and it has...
  14. Katzkin Cardinal red leather seat skins Blowout special! $474.99 shipped!!!

    We are running a blow out special on the Katzkin Cardinal red leather seat skins with black piping and perforate inserts. These are normally $800+ shipping to order from us and hundreds more from most dealers. These are a closeout item and once sold out there will be no more at this...
  15. Group buy for Cardinal red Katzkin seat skins for the 15+ Mustang. $499 shipped!

    Katzkin just contacted us with an overstock of a certain seat for the new Mustang. Seat skins are Cardinal red with black piping and perforated insert. Normal price for this setup would be $700 plus shipping! If we can get 10+ people to buy a set of these we will do them for $499.99 shipped...
  16. ****Katzkin leather seats from Moddiction. Tons of colors and materials to choose!

    We are an authorized dealer for Katzkin leather seats. Pricing includes front and rear seats as well as the door panel inserts. There are TONS of different color options, materials and thread colors to chose from. You can view the seat designer here...
  17. Best place to start looking for a "totaled"s550 ???

    i'd like to find a deal on some leather seats out of a "totaled" or parted out premium s550 some time down the road from now..Where do you think would be some of the best places to start looking? I know some of these cars will be wrecked and i'd love to have some of the pieces of them. :ford:
  18. How to remove & install front and rear seats?

    Has anyone removed and reinstalled the front and rear sets yet and if so, is there a guide, tips or any particular special tools to do it? Any advice, links or help would be greatly appreciated. Just got a nice deal on factory leather seats and want to install them this weekend. If anyone needs...
  19. Problems I've seen. Anyone else?

    Don't know how much of this is me nitpicking, but this is what I have seen with just about 5500 on our EB Premium: 1) Some body alignment issues. Front bumper Driver's side fender, right in front of the door seems bulging out. Cloth/rubber mating on the driver's side A pillar. Seems you...
  20. Trade my BLACK leather seats for ANY other color

    I have a brand new premium ecoboost with the black leather seats. they were the only ones available when i was buying the car. and i really wanted either the tan or red seats, so is anyone in the tampa bay area willing to trade seats? PM me if interested!