1. BlackStallion18

    California WTB Stock GT500 airbox enclosure

    Looking to buy the stock airbox from the 2020 GT500. I saw somebody who made it fit on to their JLT intake on their 2018 Bullitt and it makes me want to try it to get heat soak under control.
  2. nmp1

    Had an interesting morning. Tried to look at a GT500

    So like most mustang owners, I appreciate all mustangs of various years and makes. For a while now I’ve been wanting to see a GT500 CFTP in person. Today I happened to notice that my closest dealer just had one arrive so I decide to take a look before going to work. Gives me a good reason to...
  3. Tom@Lethal

    2020 GT500 Tuning, Exhaust, Intakes, and more available at Lethal Performance!!

    If you're looking to add more power, change some aesthetics, or put together a package of both, we'd be happy to assist with your GT500. We can't wait to take the first steps with modding ours, and watch you start modding yours! ☠️ #TeamLethal Check out the products here...
  4. 1crazymach

    16yr old drives 2020 GT500

  5. protraxduner


    NEW MUSTANG FORD PERFORMANCE OIL SEPARATOR FOR PASSENGER SIDE GT500. Brand new in box, never opened. $325 + free shipping to continental US. Again Brand new. Will work with 2011-2017 5.0L and 2015-2019 5.2L engines with the addition of M-6067-M52S aluminum cam covers. May require...
  6. Texas OEM 2020 GT500 oil mist separator (catch can)

    $325 shipped. OEM 2020 GT500 handling pack item. There was a delay in getting this for my car and I installed an aftermarket in the interim. This is new in the package and just opened up enough to photograph. Nice setup that does not need to be emptied/drained. Retails at $439+ Thanks!
  7. Ajc5633

    Standard digital dash to GT500 digital dash

    I saw on Facebook someone put a GT500 digital dash in their mustang. Had me thinking is the cluster actually different between the two digital dash’s or is it just a software change? Anyone have any info on this. Would be a cool change to have the GT500 cluster just because it shows a higher...
  8. zero_chance

    Arizona Vinyl graphics / logos - Free shipping

    Can do vinyl graphics / logos for anyone interested. Custom work also available. Most colors available, Max size of 12x12. $5 for sizes up to 6x6, $8 for anything larger. Free shipping.
  9. Velocity Raptor

    Velocity Raptor

  10. Tom@Lethal

    Lethal Performance needs your help!

    Lethal Performance Inc is looking for a 2020 GT500 in the Streetboro, Ohio area!!! The car will be used for some new product testing and you will be compensated with a Lethal Performance gift card for your help ☠️. Reach out to your friends and have them get in touch with one of us #TeamLethal...
  11. mustangguy88

    Shelby GT500 Rear Belly Pan

    Can someone with a Shelby GT500 please check their rear belly pan for a part number? I'm getting ready to install the differential cooler system on my car and would like to also retro fit the rear belly pan as well. Thanks, James
  12. Imma Sssnaake

    GT500 blower on GT350

    Does anyone know if this will work on a ‘18 GT350? There’s a slight possibility that I might be able to get my hands on a GT500 blower for my 18 and i was wondering if this would work. The Gen 2 Voodoo shares a block with the new Predator motor (although mines NOT a gen 2) so i would imagine...
  13. Welli´s ´19 GT

    Welli´s ´19 GT

  14. 50Mustang

    Virginia WTB: 2019-2020 Shelby Spoiler

    Gurney Flap is optional. Thanks.
  15. socal2fast

    Big Discounts on GT350s???? Worth Buying????

    Have you guys been seeing big discounts? what would you call a big discount? i see some dealers still have some New 2018s and 2019s? Would you look at those? would a New 2018 be the same mostly as a 2020? love to hear why you guys think. I saw a New 2018 GT350 for 5k off MSRP. I don’t...
  16. mavisky

    9.7 Second 2020 GT500 reviewed by That Dude In Blue

    My buddy Lee's car getting reviewed. Special guest appearance by my lowly GT350 in the background.
  17. mavisky

    Quickest and Fastest GT500 vs Boosted GT350 / GT-R / Modded 997 Turbo

    My buddy Lee just made it back into town and was threw together this set of runs from a night in Mexico.
  18. add forced induction to my Bullitt or GT500? ....hear me out

    I know these are two unlikely choices, and each choice has its own forum. I figured each forum would have obvious bias so I'm posting here. I'm very serious and going to do one very soon. I have driven my 2019 Bullitt well over a year and love love it. Love everything about it other than...
  19. Easiest way to swap out the Grille Pony (Video)

    Hey all, In the process of swapping all chrome out to black and wanted to show an easy way, I installed my new Black grille pony. Please Subscribe to our channel for future videos and your chance to win (1 of 4) $50 Gift cards (Drawing is Jan 5th, 2020) Must subscribe to our channel for a...