1. 2017 Ford Mustang Power Steering gone, ABS Light and Traction control Light

    Hello, maybe here someone can help me. Having a power steering problem where i get the abs and traction control light and my power steering goes away. When i did the diagnostic it says lost communication with power steering control module. I took it to a shop and he cleaned the connector down by...

    Hi all, I have a GT350 owners supplement for sale. I am unable to locate the owner. Chassis HR853. If you are interested, please let me know. Comes with all items included in the supplement kit. $400 OBO. Thanks!
  3. Texas 2016 Ford Mustang V6 Coupe (Only 76k Miles) - $16,500

    2016 FORD MUSTANG 3.7L V6 300 HP. 6 Speed AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. Only 76k Miles! Clean Title, Clean Autocheck Report. 2 OWNERS. No Accidents! Black Exterior, Black Cloth Interior, LOADED WITH ALL THE OPTIONS. 18 INCH WHEELS. BACK UP CAMERA. BLUETOOTH/AUX CONNECTIVITY. STEERING WHEEL MOUNTED...
  4. Dfeeds

    Some interesting changes to the 2021 F-150 Coyote - 5w30 oil viscosity and smaller sump

    It's now apparently spec'd for 5w30 and has a smaller sump. It also is coming with my favorite (sarcasm) piece of tech, cylinder deactivation. I haven't seen this posted yet so I apologize if it has been. Here's a link to where I saw it, which has a link to the spec sheet...
  5. JakeLethal


    The Mustang King has announced the reopening of his factory in Wellington Florida, in addition to running the Mustang King Golden Ticket Giftcard Giveaway. With over 60 brands on sale and a grand prize of $5000 to spend at Lethal Performance, we expect hysteria across the country! WE'RE GIVING...
  6. JakeLethal

    The 3.8L from Whipple!

    Whipple Superchargers is keeping that 3D printer busy! This test unit is for the 2011+ GT/ GT350 and the 2020 GT500. Who else cant wait to get their hands on one?!
  7. nmp1

    Had an interesting morning. Tried to look at a GT500

    So like most mustang owners, I appreciate all mustangs of various years and makes. For a while now I’ve been wanting to see a GT500 CFTP in person. Today I happened to notice that my closest dealer just had one arrive so I decide to take a look before going to work. Gives me a good reason to...
  8. Scurd Racing

    15-17 Brand new OEM PP Belly Pan

    Brand new never used 15-17 PP Bellypan $200 BRAND NEW, NEVER INSTALL* It got dusty from sitting around my storage. Pickup in DTLA
  9. Jordanfmeyer

    3.5-3.75” Pulley on P1X Procharger

    Can any of you members tell me from your knowledge what a pulley at 3.75 or 3.5” would put out on my car for boost? Procharger told me on the phone my 9psi is produced with the 4.0” pulley. I’m looking to hit 12psi so 3.75” sounds close but I wanted to see if any guys on here with 350’s could...
  10. The Velocity Raptor

    The Velocity Raptor

  11. 18-20 Roush GT Performance Pack Level 1 or Ford Power Pack 18-20 GT

    Hello All, I previously had the 2018-2020 Ford Mustang GT power pack on order for over a month, but due to constant delays I canceled the order. While searching for alternatives, I noticed the 2018- 2020 Mustang GT Roush Performance Pack Level 1. It have a similar price point as the Ford Power...
  12. Walt

    Castrol Magnatec Start Stop vs Professional

    Is there a difference between the Castrol Magnatec Professional version for Ford cars and the regular Castrol Magnatec Start Stop? Price is the same and they both say A5 5W30 Because of the corona outbreak my dealer is closed, and my Mustang Ecoboost needs an oil change so I figured I'll do it...
  13. NJ2A

    FEELER: 2019 Ford F-150 XLT SuperCrew Lease Transfer

    Currently exploring the option of getting out of my lease for my 2019 F-150. It currently has 7,960 miles on it, with an allowance of 36,000 miles through the end of the lease, which expires in 11/2022. I currently use it as a daily driver, with a 70 mile round-trip commute about 3-4 days a week...
  14. Driveway Demons

    Driveway Demons

  15. Joelang33

    Pennsylvania FS: FORD AIR BOX

    For sale is my stock airbox that came out of a 2016 GT. has 10k miles on it perfect for going back to stock if needed. asking $75 picked up or $100 shipped Thanks!
  16. Joelang33

    Pennsylvania FS: FORD COIL COVERS: SOLD!!!

    Hello Mustang6G community! For sale are my OEM Ford factory coil covers. Perfect condition. Great for if you were looking to do a custom painted setup or hydrodip. Asking $40 + paypal fees. Thanks for looking!
  17. Justin’s5.0


    Hello, I have a 15-20 OEM stock black spoiler. It came off my 2019 mustang GT. It will bolt onto any stock 15-20 mustang GTs without drilling. It is in mint condition and I am asking $100 obo. I am willing to ship on your dime. If you are in the DFW area, I am willing to meet up. Serious...
  18. KingBowser

    Florida 2019 OEM Tail Lights

    Selling my OEM Tail lights taken off my 19 GT at 10k miles, perfect condition, just went with aftermarket ones. Asking $450 OBO Located in Melbourne, FL
  19. KingBowser

    Florida PP Ecoboost Wheels

    Finally deciding to sell my old PP wheels from my old Ecoboost. They are in great condition except for one that has some surface rash from previous owner and a small chip. Included in pictures. They are 19x9 and the original take offs. Not reps Asking $450 OBO. Located in Melbourne FL. Can ship...