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  1. Lorenzocinque

    Ford Performance Parts Steering Wheels M-3600-RA

    Hello! I am looking to track my car and for several reasons I wish to install Ford Performance steering wheel M3600RA. My car is a 2018 mustang A10 so I will need some aftermarket shifting paddles and a custom wiring to the existing connector, Any one out here ever attempt this ?
  2. AZGT

    F/S - Ford Performance By Borla Cat-Back Exhaust

    F/S - Ford Performance By Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System 2-1/2" Sport Stainless Steel With 4" Black Tips GT 2015-2017 Loud Throaty Exhaust Note without the Drone Manufactured by Borla for Ford Racing Direct Bolt-On Design ***INCLUDES X-Pipe and Straight-Through Sport Mufflers*** 2.5"...
  3. turbofiveoh

    GT Ford Racing Performance Shocks and Steeda Progressive Springs

    I recently installed coilovers and no longer need a set of lightly used M-18000-F Ford Performance struts and shocks paired with Steeda 555-8210 progressive springs. I never tracked this setup but the car handled very well and rode really nice. The suspension was extremely compliant and the...
  4. Velocity Raptor

    Velocity Raptor

  5. Black Widow Bullitt

    Tower Brace doesn’t say Bullitt

    The day I brought my Bullitt home and popped the hood I noticed my tower brace says Ford Performance and not Bullitt. Does anyone else have this or does it say Bullitt?
  6. Race Red GT premium PP1

    Race Red GT premium PP1

  7. Welli´s ´19 GT

    Welli´s ´19 GT

  8. Wildcardfox

    Cool article on the Ford Performance Racing School Many of us GT350 owners have had the pleasure of attending the school. Here’s a look at how the school builds and fosters teamwork by taking one of their school cars racing. Ford...
  9. LethalPerformance

    Lund Racing cracks 800rwhp with their 2020 GT500

    Lund Racing just cracked the 800rwhp mark with their 2020 Shelby GT500. The only changes from the last few dyno runs were a set of Injector Dynamics 1050x’s and some E85. The mods before those upgrades include a custom Lund Racing tune, Lethal Performance high flow race pipes, factory air filter...
  10. Ford Mustang GT - Evo - Long term test modding

    Evo magazine have just just started undertaking mods to their long term test (so far Ford Performance only). They took it around Goodwood circuit and they are interested to know if others had similar overheating...
  11. alex9j4m

    Installers of 2019 Ford Performance Stage 1 Tune

    Does anyone know if a list of certified ford performance tuners exist? I called 3 ford dealers near me (suburbs near Chicago) all of which dont know anything about the tune or installing it. For those that's done the tune did you just call around till someone said they do it? This is the one...
  12. California Ford Performance by Borla - 15-17 Sport Catback Exhaust - Chrome Tips

    Has only been on my car for about 3k miles. I really don't want to get rid of it but its a bit too loud for my new location. It is definitely my favorite catback exhaust for 5.0 Coyotes. $800 firm + shipping (or pickup)
  13. crimson_crowd_eater

    Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Hey, does anyone know when the Ford Performance tune for the 2018+ Mustang GT will come out? I'm interested in a tune, but I'm not a mad performance focused racing guy, I just want to look into the increased response, power, and efficiency, etc. I also like my warranty and that pretty much...
  14. S550.David

    Performance Pack sway bars $100 obo

    Need to post photo with my username. Ad is also on Chicago Craigslist Located in Orland Park, il 708-253-5649
  15. 5-PT-OH

    Exhaust piping question-Video Included of sound

    I just installed Borla S type axle back and Magnaflow tru x (CJPP), and it sounds absolutely amazing. I’m not happy with where my tips landed in the valance on one side. Tired every combination of supporting the piping and tightening the clamps. I think it was with where the pipe was cut. I...
  16. Borla stype or ford performance by borla extreme?

    I'm looking to buy either borla stype or ford performance by borla extreme. I'm in houston TX. Must be for 2018+
  17. mks

    Nevada SOLD >> Ford Performance By Borla “Extreme” Cat-back for GT 18-19 (M-5200-M8EFA)

    :: SOLD :: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE 21 Feb 19: Full disclosure for those considering this system. When we cleaned it up a bit, we discovered some minor blemishes on the tips--nothing run over 1K miles remains...
  18. Yang's GT350

    Yang's GT350

  19. thehunterooo

    2015 GT Part Out

    Updated as of 5/28/2019 All prices include shipping within the 48 states Ford Performance door sills - Sold GT350R delete - Sold Boomba Oil Cap - $40 AEM dry filter - $45 GT Engine Cover - $40 Roush AB Right Side Muffler - $100