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  1. Trevor@FatFab

    World's First Twin Turbo 2020 GT500 | VIDEO INSIDE!

    After months of development and keeping this project under wraps we are proud to present the world's first twin turbo 2020 Shelby GT500 We will be offering turn key twin turbo packages for the GT500 like we do for the GT350. Package details and pricing will be available in the near future...
  2. Trevor@FatFab

    Fathouse Fab Black Friday Sale | 20% off Roll Cage Kits

    BLACK FRIDAY SALE Save 20% on our S197 & S550 weld-in roll cage kits! - Made in the USA - Comes ready to prep for welding and install - Built to satisfy 8.50 ET specs These are the best fitting roll cage kits on the market! Sale goes live this Friday and ends December 1st! Don't miss...
  3. Trevor@FatFab

    Fathouse Performance 900R GT500 Build | Pics & Video

    Hey guys! We just finished up another 2020 GT500 build here at the shop. This particular Shelby came in for our 900R supercharged package. The 900R package consists of the following: Injector Dynamics ID1300x Injectors Kooks Long Tube Headers Kooks Mid Pipe Stage 8 Locking Header Bolts...
  4. Trevor@FatFab

    2016 Shelby GT350R 1200R Twin Turbo | 1200 whp

    We just finished up our latest twin turbo GT350R build. This base model (no radio or A/C) GT350R came to us with just 58 miles on the odometer and is now making over 1200 whp with our 1200R twin turbo package! This car is also equipped with our optional drag wheel/tire package designed to...
  5. Trevor@FatFab

    2019 Shelby GT350R 800R Twin Turbo | Pics & Video Inside!

    Hey guys! We just finished our latest twin turbo GT350R build This 2019 GT350R is now equipped with our 800R twin turbo package and is heading back home to the lucky owner The car made 826 whp 675 tq tuned on 92 octane by Johnson Tuning For more information on our twin turbo packages...
  6. Trevor@FatFab

    2019 GT350 800R Twin Turbo | Pics & Video Inside!

    We just finished up another twin turbo Shelby GT350 build! This 2019 GT350 received our 800R twin turbo package and is now making 777 whp and 639 tq Tuned on 93 octane by Johnson Tuning Check out the build photos & dyno video below!
  7. Trevor@FatFab

    2020 GT350 1000R Twin Turbo | Pics & Video Inside

    This 2020 GT350 came to us 100% stock and is now making more than double the amount of horsepower thanks to our 1000R twin turbo package! Stock: 469 whp 401 tq 1000R: 955 whp 733 tq tuned on e85 by Johnson Tuning A full breakdown of our 1000R package can be found here...
  8. Trevor@FatFab

    Cyber Monday Sale - Fathouse Fabrications

    Fathouse Fabrications is happy to announce that we are having a Cyber Monday sale. All FatFab products will be 20% off for one day only! - Catch Can Kits - Seat Mounts - Coolant Tanks - Roll Cage Kits & More Use code "CYBER20" at checkout
  9. Trevor@FatFab

    [FatFab] 800R Twin Turbo 2019 GT350 | 806 whp | Pics & Video Inside!

    Hey guys! I wanted to share some photos and video of our latest twin turbo GT350 build! This 2019 GT350 is now equipped with our 800R twin turbo package and makes 806 whp 677 tq on 93 octane tuned by Johnson Tuning. 800R Twin Turbo Package Components: - Hand built stainless steel turbo...
  10. Trevor@FatFab

    [FatFab] 1000R Twin Turbo GT350 | 916 whp | Video & Photos Inside!!

    Hey guys! We recently finished installing our 1000R twin turbo package with our optional MoTeC M150 ECU upgrade on this 2018 Shelby GT350R! On 10 psi the car made 916 whp and 635 tq tuned on ignite e85 by Johnson Tuning! The 1000R Package Includes: - Hand built stainless steel turbo headers...
  11. Trevor@FatFab

    [FatFab] Twin Turbo GT350 w/ Motec M150 ECU

    The Motec Systems USA M150 ECU just showed up for our latest twin turbo GT350 build! This particular car made 1143 whp on 15 psi and the customer decided to take the build to the next level and really get the most out of his car by running a stand alone ECU. This will be an exclusive option...